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WOW Classic SOD: New Runes Unveiled - 5 Top Choices For Phase 2

Posted: Feb 04, 2024

The recently uncovered data-mined runes are incredibly powerful. In this guide, we will explore the top 5 runes set to debut in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. I’ve specifically focused on Belt and Boot runes in this compilation, as these are the only confirmed slots.

However, it’s important to note that most of this information is still unverified, subject to alterations, and may not necessarily be present in Phase 2 when it is officially released. In order to master these new runes in Phase 2, prepare for enough WoW SOD Gold is necessary. Now, let’s delve into the list.

WOW Classic SOD: New Runes Unveiled - 5 Top Choices For Phase 2

1. Frostfire Bolt - Mage Rune

Starting off at the first rune is Frostfire Bolt for Mages, with an honorable mention to Spellfrost Bolt. Spellfrost Bolt is insane because benefiting from Arcane and Frost talents means that you’ll be able to get 13% hit just from talents. So, even without any on your gear, you’re already hit-capped with this ability. Keep in mind, since this does Arcane damage, you’ll be able to use it with Temporal Beacon to heal people with.

For Frostfire Bolt, while it will be the highest crit-scaling ability in the game. Benefiting from both Frost and Fire talents means you’ll be able to get Ignite and Ice Shards. The scaling doesn’t even stop there. Combined with the Spell Power rune on the boots, you’ll be able to hit for more than double damage and burn for 40% of that damage over 4 seconds. At Level 40, you’ll have enough talent points to even go down Frost and get shattered to crit more reliably in PvP.

The only downside is it’s a 3-second hard cast, and you can’t reduce that at all with Improved Fireball or Frostbolt. But that just means you can get Impact instead and stun people with it. Mages were really missing some single-target damage, and that’s exactly what they’re getting, with none of the new leaked runes being AOE-related at all. With their AOE already being the best in the game with Living Flame, Mages are going to be extremely powerful and well-rounded for Phase 2.

2. Melee Specialist - Hunter Rune

Moving on to number 2, we have the Melee Specialist rune for Hunters. To call this rune overloaded would be an understatement. It basically builds a whole new class just by itself. Combine that with the Dual Wield Specialization rune, it’s going to increase your offhand damage to match Rogues and have your Raptor Strike hitting with both weapons. As long as they’re the same weapon type, shouldn’t be much of a problem because Hunters can use almost every weapon but maces. They can also take advantage of all this amzaing new mail gear that’s coming up.

WOW Classic SOD Melee Specialist

3. Spirit Of Redemption - Priest Rune

Next is number 3, Spirit of Redemption for Priests. While this one is obviously totally busted in PvP, it could also be a great addition to any Holy Priest in a raid. Since your spells won’t cost any mana during its duration, if we have another fight like Twilight Lord Kis that gets pretty hectic at the end, this is the golden ability to whip out. Since it will make you unable to be damaged, no matter what’s going on, you can keep pumping out heals.

It will not only be the best defensive ability in the game, but with its 30-second cooldown, that could easily last an entire boss fight at the high end. The 5-minute cooldown isn’t really anything to worry about since you only want to use this at key moments and not really every time that it’s up. Holy Priests were eating pretty well in Phase 1, and they’re even better in Phase 2.

4. Mind Spike - Priest Rune

Coming in at number 4, we have another Priests with Mind Spike. This thing doesn’t have any cooldown at all. This not only gives us a new ability but a whole new rotation because of its Mind Blast synergy, giving it up to 90% crit with the crit that you already have. You can pretty much round that up to 100%. This is exactly what Shadow Priests were begging for all of Phase 1, and now they finally have it. Hopefully, this brings the spec from non-existent to on the map.

WOW Classic SOD Mind Spike

5. Infusion Of Light - Paladin Rune

Last but not least is the Infusion of Light for Paladins. This is another completely overloaded rune, birthing the long-awaited revival of the Shockadin. It might not exactly dominate in Phase 2 alone, it’ll be something the game has never seen before. With Holy Paladins already having massive synergy with spell crit, it just fits perfectly into the rest of their kit. Not to mention, Divine Favor being in the Holy tree to ensure that you guaranteed get 2 shocks off in a row before having to actually wait out the cooldown.

Also throwing an honorable mention to Sacred Shield on your boots. And we already have Beacon of Light to double all of this healing. Your only limit is going to be how much spell crit you can get, and it’s looking like a lot. So, even though they don’t get any new healing or damaging spells, they’re definitely something to pay attention to as Season of Discovery keeps going on.


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