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WOW Classic SOD: What Effects Will The Profession Changes In Phase 2 Have On Gold-Making?

Posted: Feb 03, 2024

We’ll be delving into the announced profession changes for Phase 2 of the WoW Classic Season of Discovery. This will include an examination of some data-mined information, so it’s essential to approach it with a bit of skepticism in certain aspects.

WOW Classic SOD: What Effects Will The Profession Changes Have On Gold-Making In Phase 2?


First up is what looks like an incredibly Enchanting self-buff. It was described as like having your own World Buff. Until now, there wasn’t that much reason to level your enchant to the maximum of each cycle. You can Disenchant from a low level, but this could actually be amazing.

Having these encouraging players to actually max their Enchanting could cause some real extra pressure on the materials used to level. So, it sounds obvious that they’re potentially putting some of the primary Disenchant items for Phase 2.

Waylaid Supplies

Then let's go into Waylaid Supply boxes, and suddenly that bit of extra pressure sounds like it might actually skyrocket. So if the White Bandit Masks is actually a supply box item, as has been determined so far, this will mean that Tailor will be far more tempted to sell on the auction house rather than Disenchant. The supply box items currently make it much more appealing to sell on the auction house. If you have been flipping the greens in Phase 1. This next change should be one that you pay attention to as well.

WOW Classic SOD White Bandit Masks


They have improved the itemization on many crafted items. Caster ones only taking away the less than needed stats and putting in the Spell Damage and Healing, while dungeon loot has also been improved. There’s no word yet on the Random Greens. So from a flipper perspective, I’d be worried about holding casted greens for the next phase, as crafted gear might overshadow it. From a crafted perspective, this gives you a load of new things to be crafting, and you’ll be getting sales from all directions.

The changes to crafted items and dungeon drops could also be another indirect way to hit the bots by making some farms worth much less WoW SOD Gold. Bag-wise, Tailoring is now going to be at 12-slot bags. This makes the Darkmoon Storage Box still really strong. You should be able to do the next tier of handoff. If so, I think Green Fireworks look like a nice shout.


Next up then is profession specializations. This was confirmed in the Phase 2 preview. This is going to affect Engineers who are planning to make some specialist items like the Gnomish Mind Control Cap. That particular item was going to be a nightmare because it would only be craftable by Gnomish Engineers.


When it comes to Alchemy, Alchemists get a cool little potion just for themselves-a great little incentive for them to level up that profession. Alchemists can also transmute Truesilver in Phase 2. Truesilver is going to be required for a number of things, including the new patterns, and as far as we know, you won’t be able to Smelt it in this space.

WOW Classic SOD Alchemy

The Transmute is on a 48-hour cooldown, otherwise, you’ll be able to get this from the chest, but we haven’t yet seen anything about any other professions. Any other ways of getting this Truesilver. Miners are going to mine it, but they won’t be able to Smelt it as far as we know.


We haven’t seen anything about any of the other professions specifically. Gathering doesn’t seem to have had any update yet. Fishing should still be strong for all the same reasons it has been previously, though I would not fancy trying the strangle for fishing derby with the Blood Moon going on.


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