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WOW Classic SOD: Top 10 Things You Need To Do At Level 25

Posted: Dec 09, 2023

Now that the WoW Classic Season of Discovery servers have been aligned for nearly a week, more and more people are finally getting to level 25

Usually, when we play Vanilla, we just carry on leveling, but with this lower level cap, it’s left many people wondering what do we actually do now. How are we supposed to optimize our characters and how do we progress ourselves? 

Don’t worry! Because I’ve got a concise plan for you to follow.

WOW Classic SOD: Top 10 Things You Need To Do At Level 25

1. Get An Actual Headpiece

One thing that you want to do straight away, so you don’t look like an absolute idiot, is get an actual headpiece. 

There’s a number of easy options for you. Alliance Warlocks can get a headpiece from the Noble Brew quest. Warriors can do their class quest to get Brutal Armor. The locations will be in Hillbrad Foothills and Razorfen Kraul. 

You can also go for the Humbert’s Helm from Dun Garok Rifleman. Unfortunately, for everyone else, the only real option to go for is a white cloth piece of gear like the Azure Silk Hood, unless you go for Engineering or before you enter Blackfathom Deeps, obviously.

2. Get Your Bags Sorted

Second thing you want to do is get your bags sorted, because at this level, bag space is utterly painful. 

Now, the best bag that you can get at this level is actually from the Darkmoon Faire. So, what I’d recommend doing, unfortunately, you know it’s gone already. But for next month, get farming the materials for Darkmoon Faire Tickets, so that you can get 50 tickets for a 14-slot bag. 

Also, you can go ahead and get 100 tickets and get a bag to resell, because they’re actually selling for about 30 SOD Gold on the Auction House right now. But Dark Moon Fair will also unlock some great loot in the later phases. 

Alternatively, you can farm Fel Steeds in Shadowfang Keep for their bags. And Alliance are very lucky to get 2 good quest options: the Gunnysack of the Night Watch & the Ooze-covered Bag

And if you have the gold, obviously, you can just buy a 10-slot bag on the Auction House. They’re looking about 1.5 gold currently as of the time now.

3. Get Fishing Leveled Up

My third biggest recommendation is definitely get fishing leveled up. Fishing is incredibly slept on in the lower levels, and it’s because of trunk farming. 

WOW Classic SOD Get Fishing Leveled Up

Basically, there’s these little trunks that you can fish up. As far as I’m aware, this is probably the best way to farm gold at this level, unless some other crazy strategy has been worked out, which I’m sure will eventually happen. 

But they have a very high chance of containing crafting materials that can just be very simply vended or put on the Auction House for a good amount of WoW Classic SoD Gold

Besides, you will have a very high chance to get healing potions, recipes, and even more bags. If you don’t need those items, again, you can get a bit of extra gold by putting them on the Auction House. 

You also have a very decent chance to actually get a green item, which can be useful to you (if you actually need the upgrade, or again, get it on the Auction House or even vended). 

4. Make Yourself A Disenchanting Alt

Alternatively, what you can do is to make yourself a disenchanting alt. All you need is a character that’s level 5, and you can just disenchant anything. So, your bank alt may as well have enchanting to make extra gold.

By the way, if you’re still leveling up your characters or started leveling some alts, the fastest way to do it is definitely by getting the RestedXP addon. They have totally updated the guides for SOD, recommending the best runes to get for leveling.

5. Grind A PVP Onto A Rank

Now, you definitely want to at least grind a PVP onto a rank, such as the Sergeant rank, to get the PVP caves that have actually been buffed in Season of Discovery. 

It actually provides a bonus to all of your primary stats. It’s going to be great for Druids as it’s basically like having 2 Mark of the Wilds active at once.

6. Grind Reputation For The Warsong Gulch

I would also recommend grinding reputation for the Warsong Gulch gear, at least to on it. 

You can do this by obviously just queuing Warsong Gulch or by doing the Ashenvale World PVP events, which also gives a juicy amount of gold. 

You mainly go in for the necklace and a ring here, particularly as there’s barely any necklace option at this level and also the ring is one of the only spell power options that you can get at this level. But there are also some really good ranged and melee weapons and also a cheeky healing cape. 

And remember, as we get higher level, you’ll be able to instantly buy the upgrades if you’ve got the reputation farm.

WoW Classic SOD Grind Reputation For The Warsong Gulch

7. Grind Professions

Now is also the best time to start grinding professions while everything is dirt cheap at the Auction House. 

I’ve just grinded my Engineering to skill 130 without Mining once. I would especially recommend use Mining to level up Engineering by the way, because it’s ridiculously overpowered in Vanilla, particularly low level.

8. Form Big Groups

Now is also a time that many people are forming big groups in order to go and get all of the different class runes. For instance, the Warlocks going to get the Metamorphosis rune. 

So, if there’s particular runes that you need, now is the time to do it rather than later when fewer groups are forming.

9. Grind Dungeons

The obvious next step is to grind the dungeons, mainly Wailing Caverns, Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep

I would also recommend actually doing this before you hit max level. I actually got all of my Pre-BIS BFD gear before I got to level 25. 

Just remember, if you don’t need the rewards from the dungeon quests, save them to turn them in later when the level cap has increased again, because then you’ll get a big XP boost.

10. Do Higher-Level Quests

Apart from this, you may want to snipe some higher level quests for some good quest gear

WoW had made a guide on this. It’s pretty decent to be fair. But one thing they did miss is the battle for the Hillsbrad quest for Horde. You get this really good two hander, actually has a proc on it to do some shadow damage, called the Runic Darkblade

I’ve also heard that a few people on the Alliance side are forming groups to go and kill Morbent Fel, as he does reward a headpiece.


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