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WOW Classic SOD: The Blackfathom Deeps Raid Guide

Posted: Dec 08, 2023

Welcome to the Blackfathom Depths Raid Guide of WOW Season of Discovery. Next, I will talk about the boss in the Blackfathom Deeps. You can raid them more effectively according to the methods I gave for different bosses. Of course, if you have enough WoW Classic SOD Gold, these tips will be even more useful.

WOW Classic SOD: The Blackfathom Deeps Raid Guide

Baron Aqanis

Click on the three stones and kill the ads to make sure Baron Aqanis is vulnerable. If you get knocked off the platform, just come back up. The bubbles are a swim speed bonus and the swirls push you down range DPS. If you get knocked, you can just stay in the water and DPS them from there.


Pull Ghamoora to the middle of the platform. Make sure your group is top when the bubble breaks as it does a lot of damage.Your Mana users can soak the bubbles to get their Mana back, but you will take additional damage. There's also a knock back that resets threat so tanks be ready to taunt. Don't stand near the Bubbles as they pulse AOE damage when they expire.


Phase one is a taken spank, just dodge the circles. Phase two you need to dodge the circles, but this time they'll stay on the ground so you might want to start baiting them. Phase three you want to bait the circles to the edge of the room and they'll now spawn a tentacle. You can ignore the tentacles and nuke the boss, or you can try killing them. Our group just ignores them and kills the boss.

Lorgus Jett

This is a gauntlet so try to conserve Mana. When you kill the bigger Elite, the next room will open. Eventually, Lorgus Jett will come. Melee swapped a totems and dodge the Fireballs. Everyone stop DPS when the boss has lightning Shield totem active and focus the totem.


Range stack and move together to bait circles to the edge of the room. Try not to bait the circles near players who are asleep because the purple gas will grow slowly and it does damage over time. The boss will sleep two players that are closest to him and they'll be sent down to the port phas. You can't be sent down twice, so pick two new DPS to stand near the boss each time. When you get sent down, kill five of the priests as fast as possible in a portable spawn. Take it to come back up.

Phase 2 starts at 35%. This is a DPS check. Spread out and melee stand as far away from the tank as possible as he will pulse AOE damage. Move away from the circles because they now pulse AOE damage as well. Dispel players with a debuff immediately and kill the boss as fast as possible.


DPS stack close behind the boss and Dodge the frontal cone. Tanks will get debuff stacks and need to run to an Elemental to cleanse them. The Elementals will spawn ads that need to be killed. Phase 2 will start at 50%. You can continue with the same Strat of dodging the frontal and tanks removing their debuffs on the Elementals or you can let each tank continue to get Stacks until they die. Then DPS race the boss.



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