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WOW Classic SOD: Level 25 Warlock Guide Of Season Of Discovery

Posted: Dec 08, 2023

Welcome to the level 25 Warlock Guide. I’m going to show you how I got 100 parts on every boss in BFD and became an unstoppable killing machine in PVP. If you have enough WoW Classic SOD Gold, the following tips will be very suitable for you.
WOW Classic SOD: Level 25 Warlock Guide Of Season Of Discovery


I’ve tried almost every spec, but Affliction is by far the best. Put five in Corruption, three in Suppression, two in Life Tap, five in Improved Life Drain and one into Nightfall.


Master Channeler on the chest and Incinerate on the legs, then you can go Haunt or Chaos Bolt on the gloves. This will be depending on your play style. They’re both very good, viable and raid as well as PVP. Haunt is better when you’re consistently moving, and Chaos Bolt is OK if you’re able to cast freely. I prefer the Haunt build because it allows you to move freely without ever having to stop to cast. It gives you more self-healing, and it deals about the same amount of overall damage.


Your primary stat you want is Spell Power. This is because it scales with Life Tap and of course your dots. You can also stack Shadow Power in order to do this, but overall damage is better because flat Spell Power will also increase the damage from your fire spells. Stamina and Intellect are a third and fourth stat, but they don’t matter anywhere near as much as having just flat Spell Power.


The first rotation will go over is the Haunt build. Immediately apply Haunt and Health Drain and then get up Corruption and Curse of Agony. From here you want to Incinerate and then Emulate and then Life Tap as much as possible. Always remember to Shadow Bolt whenever you get a Nightfall proc and then repeat for the Chaos Bolt you want to. Open with Incinerate and Chaos Bolt, Life during Corruption and Curse of Agony, then Emulate and then Life Tap as much as possible, always Shadow bolting on Nightfall procs.


For macros and wekoras, you can go ahead and macro pet attack into all of your abilities. If you don’t want to micromanage your pet for weak wars, I recommend you tracking your debuffs on the target and try to maintain 100% up time on your dots, specifically Corruption, Curse of Agony, Incinerate and Emulate. The most important weak order you need is an alert for when you get a Nightfall proc. Classic does not do a good job at letting you know when you have a Nightfall proc, so this is is something you need to manually do with a weak war.


I highly recommend using the succubus pet for DPS, especially in raid. But use the amp against bosses that have high armor like Gomorrah. Always use the Void Walker so you can sacrifice in PVP. It’s especially necessary when you get melee on you so that you can freely cast a Fear on them for PVP. You can run either of these builds as well as they’re both viable. I like to swap back and forth between Haunt and Chaos Bolt. Haunt is better when you’re moving a lot, and Chaos Bolt is awesome when you’re able to just freely cast whenever you get a Nightfall proc. It’s extremely fun to run the chaos build because you’re casting a Chaos Bolt into an instant Shadow bolt behind it and you can one-shot people. It is extremely fun so that’s going to be it for this quick warlock guide.


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