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WOW Classic SOD: How To Get The Epic Crafting Items?

Posted: Dec 07, 2023

These are the Epic gloves, boots and chest that are absolutely best in slot for everyone. They also come with some amazing stats like improving your spell damage giving you percentage to hit with all of your spells which is absolutely vital at this level. Some of them even have things like haste increases. So you now have a raid cool down for DPS or for healing if you use it that way. So with that being said let’s dive right in.

The first thing you need to do is level up your profession of choice. If you doing tailoring Leatherworking or Blacksmithing whichever one has your specific item, you need to get that all the way up to level 100. That is not even the max is 150, all you need right now is level 100. Then you need to grab the most expensive thing that you’re going to need. Which is the Elixir of Coalesced Regret. You can get this from the auction house or from an alchemist but it does cost quite a bit of WoW Classic SoD Gold right now. But once you have this head on to Ashenvale outside of the BFD instance right here at this location and you will find a dead Toren on the ground. Use the Elixir to be able to speak to this Toren and then he will basically just run through some RP sending you into the BFD raid.

Craft Epic Gear in WOW Classic SOD

Once you’re inside of the raid and cleared up to the second boss, you’ll find the corpse of Old Serra’ Kis here on the ground and you’ll notice that it is now intractable. So just go through the r here and you will be rewarded with a handful of Shifting scales. run back to the auction house because you’re going to need the following materials. Forty strange dust, five greater magic Essence and two small glimmering Shard you’re going to get these from the ah or from being an alchemist and then take them over into ratchet.

As you walk directly into the in in Ratchet, you’ll find this NPC right here that you will talk to that will lead you to a quest. The quest will require you to turn all of these things in as well as five gold. This is pretty expensive but once you turn in the quest you will be rewarded with the shifting scale Talisman. This is a trinket that will also allow you to move into specific locations in the world. right now the only one is in BFD to acquire something new. So head back into BFD and before the second to last boss, in the room where Old Serra’ Kis used to be in the original version of the dungeon.

There is a section that requires you to have the trinket equipped. Down in here you can also lose the clams to try to get a pearl to sell for some extra gold back, but you will loot this item or this chest right here just called the Box. and the Box will ask you to try to destroy it. But we need some sort of powerful light force and to do this we’re going to head on to Hills Brad foot hills.

Head over to Southshore or Toren Mill and then we are going to head to the Ravenholdt section. This is almost done guys but as you pass in and go right towards Ravenholdt Manor just turn to the right and you’re going to hook all the way around this mountain until you walk up on this gigantic glowing crystal. Once you’re here just click on the box and it will destroy the Box summoning a shadowy figure. Turn around and talk to him and you will go through some RP. Be very cautious here the RP at the very end.

Ravenholdt Manor

On the last section is make sure that you do request you learn the knowledge. Once you do this you will learn the recipes for every single one of the Void Touched Items even the ones for the professions you don’t currently have. This means you can probably re-roll and get the other gloves or anything like that.


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