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WOW Classic SOD: How Can Hunter Achieve Insane Damage After The Nerf?

Posted: Dec 11, 2023

Discover effective strategies and techniques to maximize your damage output as a Hunter in WOW Classic Season of Discovery, even after recent nerf. Elevate your Hunter skills and make a significant impact in battles by applying the tips outlined in this comprehensive guide. If you want to do damage after massive nerf on Hunters, then here’s how you do it. Of course, if you have enough WOW Classic SOD Gold to back it up, these tips will work better for you.

WOW Classic SOD: How Can Hunter Achieve Insane Damage After The Nerf?

The first thing we’re going to do is run a Beast Mastery build. What we’re doing here is getting imp aspect of the Hawk. If you are not the person using Lion every time, then you can grab whatever you want.

I like endurance training because it increases your pet’s HP and pets are only going to be taking damage. That’s like spell damage in the raid, but the big one is getting Unleashed Fury, increasing your pet’s damage by 20% and then feel free to grab one point into frosty giving yourself a 3% increased chance to have your pet’s crit. This is a pet damage build, so the runes were either running can be an aspect of the lion if you are the person bringing that for your raid, Master Marksman.

If you are using the Scorpion, which I’ll tell you about, and then Cobra Strikes. If you’re using a different pet, which we can actually talk about as well, then you want to get Beast Mastery to increase your pet’s damage even more and increase their focus, Regeneration and Kill Command.

Kill Command is what makes this very powerful, so what we do is get a Scorpion pet. Everyone’s going to be getting a scorpion pet before. Or if this doesn’t get nerfed, everyone is going to get a scorpion pet.

WOW Classic SOD Kill Command

You can get level 22 scorpion pets down here in the Barons. Head down into the Barons where you can find level 22 scorpion pets. With these pets, what you want it to have obviously is scorpion poison, which is scaling incredibly well with your Hunter attack power. 90 damage just starting off. My pet is already doing 75 DPS by itself.

The crazy thing is that Kill Command procs are not being consumed by the poison. So if you use Kill Command and then send your pet in, then its first poison is going to take for 60% more 143 damage per Tick. My pet by itself is doing more DPS than most classes in the entire game in their pretty much most raid gear. This is something that’s crazy and I think Blizzard will eventually make it so that Kill Command does actually take the procs off on poisons because now Kill Command does nothing with poisons.

The other pet you can get is also down in the southern Barons and it is the Wind Serpent called Washte Pawne. Washte Pawne is the other pet that is extremely powerful. If you get this, wind serpents are having incredible damage right now from their lightning attacks. The pet build seems to be the highest DPS for Hunters. It is absolutely insane and if this gets nerfed, that’s doing this.


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