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WOW Classic SOD: The Alchemy Is Prove To Be A Profitable Profession In Phase 3

Posted: Apr 18, 2024

Posted: Apr 18, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Welcome, fellow players! I’m excited to delve into the Alchemy specializations within the WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. These specializations offer a plethora of options and strategies for players to explore, enhancing their potion-making abilities and opening up new avenues for profit and utility.

WOW Classic SOD: The Alchemy Is Prove To Be A Profitable Profession In Phase 3

Whether you're seeking to bolster your raiding prowess, provide invaluable support to your guildmates, or capitalize on the latest market trends, Alchemy stands out as one of the most advantageous professions for players during the Season of Discovery.

Alchemy Specializations

First, head to Tanaris at Steamwheedle Port, located approximately at coordinates (67,22). In there, we will encounter 2 key individuals: Master Of Mixology and Master of Transmutation. The prerequisites to engage with them are reaching Level 45 and attaining a skill level of 275 in Alchemy. These requirements serve as the foundation for embarking on the quests they offer.

Master Of Mixology

Upon interacting with the Master Of Mixology, we are tasked with supplying him with 10 Invisibility Potions, 10 Elixir of Demonslaying, and 5 Elixir of the Sages. These items are crucial components obtained through world drop patterns or quests, and acquiring them directly from the auction house incurred a cost of approximately 100 gold.

After fulfilling the requirements and turning in the quest, we unlock the ability to gain additional procs for our elixirs and potions, further enhancing our alchemical prowess.

Master Of Transmutation

Now, the other one is Master of Transmutation, and he wants 3 Arcanite Bars. In order to get Arcanite Bars, you have to have Transmute Arcanite, and you have to have one Thorium Bar and an Arcane Crystal. You can only get those by mining Rich Thorium Veins, and so you pick up the Transmute Arcanite recipe actually here in Gadgetzan at the Alchemy vendor about at coordinates (50,27).

It’s in the Northwestern part of the city, so definitely go there and pick these items up. He has all the Transmute recipes that you will and it does share cooldown, so I’m probably not going to spend the absorbent amount of WoW SOD Gold to make the Arcanite, I highly recommend transmuting Mithril to Silver here.

WOW Classic SOD Alchemy

Essential Materials

For the materials, you'll need 60 Sungrass, 40 Blindweed, 20 Arthas' Tears, 15 Mountain Silversage, 15 Goldthorn, 5 Khadgar's Whisker, 30 Golden Sansam, and 75 Crystal Vials, which are available to any vendor. You could purchase these now to pre-level and be among the first to max out Alchemy when the expansion drops.

Alternatively, you could wait until people are leveling through the zones, when the materials will probably be a bit cheaper. I believe the investment now is worth it, as Alchemy has proven to be a lucrative profession. The 2 materials that may be hard to find are Golden Sansam and Mountain Silversage.

On the server, Living Flame (US), there are only a few auctions for these currently. They can be challenging to obtain with the extra levels, so if you can acquire some now, I recommend grabbing as many as possible. While you may pay a bit of a premium, everyone will be seeking these materials, making it a worthwhile investment.

Level Up

For a smooth and effective progression in leveling your Alchemy skill from Level 225 to 300, please follow these steps:

  • Begin by crafting 5 Superior Healing Potions, allowing you to ascend from 225 to 230.
  • Proceed by concocting the Elixir of Detect Undead from 230 to 250, expanding your proficiency.
  • Continue your journey by delving into the creation of the Elixir of Greater Agility from 250 to 265, enhancing your alchemical repertoire.
  • Take further strides forward by brewing Superior Mana Potions from 265 to 285, solidifying your expertise.
  • Lastly, culminate your skill advancement by crafting Major Healing Potions from 285 to 300, reaching the pinnacle of your Alchemy mastery.

By following these steps, you will attain mastery in Alchemy and unlock its full potential.


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