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WOW Classic SOD: Is Farming Essence Of Air Beneficial For Beast Mastery Hunters In Phase 3?

Posted: Apr 17, 2024

Hi, players! Welcome to a new gold farming guide for WoW Calssic Season of Discovery! Today, I’ll explain why the Essence of Air holds significant value in the Phase 3 and how the Hunters can effortlessly farm it. So, without wasting time, let's get started!

However, as a Beast Mastery Hunter, kiting is minimal, and respawn times are reasonable, ensuring there's always something to kill. The Essence of Air holds significant value because of its rarity and necessity for various enchants, making this farming method highly lucrative for the Hunters in Phase 3.

WOW Classic SOD: Is Farming Essence Of Air Beneficial For Beast Mastery Hunters In Phase 3?

About Essence Of Air

The Essence of Air, with a drop rate of approximately 4%, is obtained from Dust Stormers located in the northwest corner of Silithus. They typically range between Level 55 and 57, presenting a formidable challenge for many classes. However, this farming method is viable for both Beast Mastery and Marksman specializations, and is particularly beneficial for Beast Mastery Hunters.

With currently priced between 65 to 90 gold, this elemental drop is easily accessible to Hunters. So, this item will always have a lot of value and deserve to WoW SOD Gold farming. You can easily get 2 to 3 of these in an hour, and if you're lucky, you can even get more.

I will to explain why the Essence of Air has so much value right now in the third phase of WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Not only are they hard to obtain, with a 4% drop rate and dropped by mobs that many players struggle to kill with their class, but they're also used in a ton of different enchants, many of which are essential for the Hunters.

Beast Mastery Hunter Build

If you choose to do the Essence of Air farming as the Beast Mastery Hunter, here's what I suggest for talents: focus on defensive talents early on and utilize runes like Lock and Load, Heart of the Lion, Focus Fire, Beast Mastery, Expose Weakness, Sniper Training, and Trap Launcher. The Beast Mastery rune is essential for maintaining your pet's aggro and enhancing its defensive capabilities.

WOW Classic SOD Beast Mastery Hunter

Then, for your pet of this build, I recommend using the Core Hound, as its ability, Lava Breath is particularly effective against these wind elementals. Although your loyalty level of Core Hound may be low, you can focus its points on greater stamina, natural armor, and nature resistance. Beyond that, prioritize defensive abilities like Growl and Lava Breath.

Beast Mastery Hunter Rotation

As we use the Beast Mastery rune on our gloves for the Hunter build, we won't have access to Explosive Shot or the Chimera shot, which alters our rotation slightly. The next best shot to use alongside Lock and Load is Multi-Shot. It's advisable to start with a Frost or Explosive Trap, followed by a Multi-Shot, and then repeating this sequence with the other trap.

Afterward, use Arcane Shot to deal with additional damage. With the elementals ranging from Level 55 to 57, you may face higher difficulty with Level 57 enemies, requiring more pet management. However, with Aspect of the Viper providing unlimited mana, it's manageable.

Be mindful of your Frenzy stacks, as it's possible to reach 5 stacks with the Beast Mastery rune and build. In many situations, I highly recommend letting the pet retain Frenzy stacks to focus on tanking and dealing damage. Occasionally, you may need to kite, drop additional traps, and adjust your strategy depending on resistances.


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