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WOW Classic SOD: Explore The Process Of Obtaining The Priest-Exclusive Eye Of The Void Rune In Phase 3

Posted: Apr 16, 2024

In WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3, the Eye of the Void rune stands as one of the best BiS Priest runes. While it enhances damage output significantly, its primary advantage lies in cursing the target, thereby debuffing them. It provides the entire raid with a substantial 10% damage increase buff, contingent upon the curse selected.

WOW Classic SOD: Explore The Process Of Obtaining The Priest-Exclusive Eye Of The Void Rune In Phase 3

Key Considerations

Regarding this rune, there are 2 crucial points to consider. Firstly, it’s impossible to have both the Eye of the Void and the Shadowfiend active simultaneously. If you cast one while the other is still in effect, the initially cast one will be replaced by the new one.

Secondly, only one of 3 distinct curses can affect the target at any given time. Therefore, it’s essential to coordinate with the Warlocks to avoid overlapping curses. It's also a good idea to keep some WoW SOD Gold with you. There are 3 different curses to choose from that last up to 3 minutes each:

  • The Curse of Shadow, which reduces the target’s Shadow and Arcane resistance by 75 and increases our Shadow and Arcane damage by 10%.
  • The Curse of Elements, which reduces the target’s Fire and Frost resistance by 75 and increases our Fire and Frost damage by 10%.
  • The Curse of Tongues, which slows the target’s casting speed and increases the cast time of all spells on the target by up to 60%.

Collect 7 Different Eyes

To acquire the Eye of the Void rune as the Priest, you have to travel to 7 different locations and acquire 7 different eyes.

Glowing Eye

The first eye is the Glowing Eye and is located in the Hinterlands at the top of Jintha’Alor in one of the outdoor camps, specifically at coordinates (58,72). You will probably need a group for this. Run past all the elite mobs to make it to the location. We sent both of our Shadowfiends and Homunculi on the elite ads to tank them in the camp while we looted as they were in combat.

Pulsating Eye

The Pulsing Eye is in the Blasted Lands, located at (49,14) at the top of a tower. You will need the Light Feather because you're going to be using Slow Fall to jump from the top of a mountain towards the tower. The key with this jump is to start off mounted, run, jump, and then pop the Light Feather to get some extra distance.

Vibrating Eye

The Vibrating Eye is located in the slag pit of Searing Gorge, located at (44,45). Find the entrance to the cave by looking down from the top of the mountain, and then slowly inch yourself off the cliff to fall into the entrance. If you're scared, you can actually backpedal your way off the edge to land on the platform.

Baleful Eye

The Baleful Eye is located in Stranglethorn Vale at (33,88). It's in one of the pirate ships to the left, directly behind Captain Stillwater. You'll need to kill a few mobs to get this item, but it was easy to solo at Level 50. There are three different boats in this area, so do not get confused. When facing them, it's the one furthest to the left.

WOW Classic SOD Baleful Eye

Burning Eye

The Burning Eye is located in Feralas at (57,68) in the Northwest Tower of Ruins of Isildien. Fight your way up the ramp and past the ogres, then head to the right where you'll find the tower. Enter it and loot your eye just behind the night elf NPC.

Oozing Eye

The Oozing Eye is going to be inside the Silithid Hive in the Gaping Chasm in Tanaris, located at (56,73). Enter the cave via the south entrance, head to the left, and then left again into the circular room. Walk through that room and go right at the end of the tunnel. You will see the eye at the center of the room.

Piercing Eye

The Piercing Eye is inside Jaedenar, located in Felwood at (35,58). The mobs there are Level 54 to 55, so you may need a friend to help you and it will be more easily. Head inside Jaedenar's entrance and fight your way through the mobs until you get to the last room. You'll see the eye on the table at the very end.

Get The Priest Rune

Now that you have all 7 eyes, there's one more step you need to take. Head to the very eastern part of Azshara, located at (89,33). There, you'll find the Shrine of the Watcher. Target the shrine and kneel to make the quest appear. Then loot the quest and grab your runes.


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