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WOW Classic SOD: Crucial Tips You Need To Master Upon Reaching Level 50 In Phase 3

Posted: Apr 19, 2024

Posted: Apr 19, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Welcome to another guide for Phase 3 of the WoW Classic Season of Discovery! Upon hitting Level 50, you'll want to dive into Sunken Temple raid and maximize your gold for BiS gear. We'll cover essential PvE and PvP content to ensure you dominate every aspect of gameplay. Get ready to conquer the Sunken Temple raid and amass wealth to upgrade your gear with our detailed strategies.

WOW Classic SOD: Crucial Tips You Need To Master Upon Reaching Level 50 In Phase 3

Emerald Wardens

So as you reach Level 50, the first thing you need to do is to hit honored with the Emerald Wardens faction. This is the new faction associated with the Incursion events, but it gives you one of your new runes and extremely strong pre-BiS gear, too. We can pump over 1,000 DPS in some fights just using this pre-BiS gear.

As for how long it takes, the Honored reputation will take you about 4 hours of grinding Felwood Incursions at Level 50. The secret is that you get 1,000 bonus reputation from doing any Felwood quest once per day. If you play multiple characters, I highly recommend stockpiling at least one quest on each of your alts.

Wild Gods Quest

There's another key method to get pre-BiS gear you don't want to miss out on: that's the Wild Offerings farming. In Felwood, you'll encounter an NPC offering the Wild Gods quest. It's a must-do because by completing it, you'll obtain yet another essential class rune. More importantly, once you finish the quest, you have access to several true BiS items without even going into the raid.

WOW Classic SOD Wild Gods Quest

The Blackhand's Breadth trinket and the ring for the Hunter are instant BiS items that top parsers are using right now. The most common method to get the Wild Offerings is Princess runs. You can consistently get 5 Wild Offerings per hour, so a BiS piece of gear nearly every 2 hours. You can get a pre-BiS bracer and a Blackstone ring during a run to get even closer to raid ready.

Sunken Temple Raid

Then, we want to run Sunken Temple for BiS gear. Some of the pieces,like the new epic bow, are amazing for you and other players. But once you complete the raid, things don't stop there. These can give you BiS Jungle Durian for huge mana regen, or you could get the new Zanza-style buffs to dominate your next raid.

What's exceptional about your class quest is that you get all 3 rewards. You also want to complete the new crafting quest so you can get your epic shoulders. These are BiS for most classes and pair nicely with your epic bracers. They're specifically designed to be one stat better than the Warsong Bracers.


In your profession of choice, that's why you need to max out your professions as quickly as you can. There are many other benefits to getting the most out of your professions. If you max out your Enchanting, you can sell expensive enchants to people, things like the Legendary Crusader enchantment for thousands of gold profit.

WOW Classic SOD Enchanting

The engineering being maxed means we can make the Repair bots and use the Goblin Sapper Charge, even target dummies in the raid for huge pulls. There is also a new questline that lets you have both Goblin and Gnomish engineering at the same time.

A lot of people making hundreds of WoW SOD Gold per day in Alchemy, especially with the new quest that gives you a 30% chance to craft bonus potions and elixirs. Most professions now have lucrative options near 300. You certainly don't want to overlook any of the opportunities to make gold.

PvP Factions

On top of PvP factions, there's the Argent Dawn reputation to farm on every single character. Friendly reputation gives us the Enriched Manna Biscuit, which outshines Mage water. Honored reputation grants us the Abyssal healing power enchant.

More importantly, we gain access to Blessed Sunfruit, a 10-strength food based on enhanced Shaman and Warriors. Even Agility classes like Rogues should consider it for speed runs. With limited time for eating, alternatives like Grilled Squid become less practical.

Additionally, there's the Timbermaw Hold. The Pouch remains excellent for 1v1 PvP, and serious gamers will strive for the Defender of the Timbermaw, the ultimate trinket flex. Access to 2 BiS Agility enchants for weapons is also crucial.


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