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WOW Classic SOD: The Best Skin Farming Spot That Team Players Can’t Miss In Phase 3

Posted: Apr 22, 2024

Here, I’ll share the ultimate skin and gold farming method for WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 tailored for solo adventurers and groups, which also contain some really nice BOEs. The only drawback to this place is that there are powerful elite monsters there that are difficult to kill. So I highly recommend doing it as a duo or group.

In this short guide, I’ll cover the location, how to get the most out of it as a group or solo player, the best builds and combinations, including covering the pros and cons of the location. Whether you’re playing solo or teaming up with 2 or 3 other players, you’ll be able to maximize your earnings. Don’t miss this powerful farming strategy!

WOW Classic SOD: The Best Skin Farming Spot That Team Players Can’t Miss In Phase 3

Pros And Cons

I tried several other skinning locations before testing this location. To be honest, none of them come close to this spot in terms of how much WOW Classic SOD Gold you can earn per hour.

Actually, soloing isn’t too bad if you can’t find the right combo, but you’ll need a lot of gear, and some classes can’t be run solo effectively.

The location is located in Burning Steppes and involves some powerful Level 42 to 44 elite dragons, specialized in forming Black Dragonscales and other valuable high-level skins. However, the drop rate of Rugged Leather is also good, and sometimes you will get two of them.

The advantage of us farming Black Dragonscales is that it will most likely be more useful in the next phase, so its price will not drop too low. If its price suddenly drops, investors will definitely want to buy it. So it’s hard to lose your investment.

WOW Classic SOD: Burning Steppes

Optimize This Spot

Next, let’s talk about how to make the most of this skin farming spot and make it worth your while.

First, you have to kill these mobs as quickly as possible, otherwise it’s not worth the effort. This is why I highly recommend doing it in a duo or even a group, with only one person needing to skin the mobs.

What’s more, the monsters in this farming spot respawn quickly, and there are also two camps nearby, so you can complete both tasks at the same time, making it more suitable for group operations.

Of course, a solo player can make it work if well geared, but it’s not a good place for a solo Mage.

As you can see, this farming spot has five camps to choose from, but the northern camp is the best and is also very close to the eastern camp.

When starting farming, try to kill Scalding Broodling as soon as they respawn, as they are not elite and will die within a few seconds with a reasonable chance of dropping Black Dragonscales.

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Best Builds And Combinations

For Hunters, I highly recommend choosing a ranged build because of the huge AOE abilities these elite mobs have, both physical and magical damage. But for a solo hunter, trying to melee as a duo or group can be a pain.

As already mentioned, you’ll take damage from either side because of the massive AOE damage. Your melee warriors will take around 500 to 800 damage per cleave or AOE. Therefore, we can also use Mage and Hunters with Pre Raid Gear to deal with these mobs alone. But let’s be honest, the gold per hour isn’t worth the effort for a solo player.

On the other hand, for groups, the amount of gold farmed per hour doesn’t compare to any other location I’ve tried. Therefore, as long as you can kill these mobs quickly, this place is by far the best skinning spot in Season of Discovery Phase 3. This is really crazy.


All in all, I highly recommend doing it as a geared duo, but you can also play this farm solo if you’re well geared. Because respawn times are long, you’ll increase your chances of getting epics and BOEs and get more kills. So hurry up and try it out!


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