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WOW Classic SOD: Notable Changes To Profession Items & Dungeon Loot In Phase 2

Posted: Feb 06, 2024

The release of WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 is just around the corner, promising a ton of changes. These changes include modifications to items from locations such as Scarlet Monastery, Razofren Downs, Uldaman, profession as well as adjustments to individual classes. Let’s take a deeper look at how these programs are changing.

Knowing those items is really important because it starts as soon as Level 30, and as you level towards Level 40, you can get a couple of upgrades that are going to help you in Phase 2.

WoW Classic SOD: Notable Changes To Profession Items & Dungeon Loot In Phase 2

Dungeon Loot Changes

Season of Discovery Phase 2 brings loot changes to Scarlet Monastery, Razorfen Downs, and Uldaman dungeons. When venturing through these dungeons, it's essential to prepare for plenty of WoW SOD Gold.

Scarlet Monastery

The first item we talk about is the Illusionary Rod from Scarlet Monastery, which gets 12 spell power instead of that old 10 Spirit, which makes it a great pre-BiS (Best in Slot) item, especially if you didn't get your hands on some of the items from BFD.

Graveyard: This is a great dungeon to farm XP from Level 30 to maybe 33-35, there are a bunch of items that got updated from the rares. We have the first item, the Ghostshard Talisman, which used to have 9 stamina, 4 Spirit, now has 9 stamina, 5 spell power.

The second item, the Necrotic Wand, while still maintaining the same DPS with shadow damage, now has an additional 7 spell power, which actually makes it the new BiS, because we didn’t have a good one in BFD.  Next is Embalmed Shroud, the helmet for Level 30, will have 11 Intellect, 12 Spirit, and 8 spell power with great pre-BiS.

Library: the Mantle of Doan, which had Intellect and Spirit, now has Intellect and fire spell power. Robe of Dawn has 5 spell power, 13 stamina. Just like the Ghost Talisman, the necklace with 9 stamina, this can be a good PvP item to get you into PvP.

WOW Classic SOD Scarlet Monastery

Cathedral: the Morgan’s Might has now 3.2 speed from 2.8 speed and, instead of 17 stamina, 16 Spirit, now has 17 Strength and 19 spell power, a mace that Paladins and Shamans alike might desire. The Unamulet is going to be probably the new best slot necklace, pre-best in slot, because there are some epic necklaces, but 7 Intellect, 7 stamina, 15 spell power. It looks like a Level 60 necklace.

3 amulet is going to be wonderful. Whitemane’s Chapeau, 20 healing done by spells. This is not to be confused. I thought the first time when I saw it I thought it was damage and healing, but it’s only healing. It has a lot of Intellect and Spirit, and it’s probably going to be amazing.


Moving on to Uldaman. In Uldaman, we have the Stoneweaver Leggings, which have now from 9 stamina, 18 Intellect, 15 Spirit. They will have 9 stamina, 15 Intellect, and 18 healing spell power. We get some other items, such as the Revelosh’s Gloves, which have a lot of Intellect and stamina for Level 35.

I think 11 stamina, 12 Intellect, is quite a lot. The Revelosh’s Shoulders will have 12 Agility, 11 stamina, makes it quite great as pre-BiS shoulders. For Hunters, Revelosh’s Armguards, with 9 agility, 8 Intellect. The plate boots, Revelosh’s Boots, with 12 Strength and 11 stamina.

Razorfen Downs

Not a lot of items changed in Uldaman, but Razorfen Downs is going to shock us a bit. First thing we see in Razorfen Downs is the Robes of the Lich, the old iconic item with 20 stamina, 10 Intellect, got changed to 20 Intellect and 12 spell power, which kind of makes me sad because this is such an iconic robe. I feel conflicted about it, although it’s going to be probably a very good pre-BiS in-slot robe.

WOW Classic SOD Razorfen Downs

Moving on to the Silky Spider Cape, which has now 11 stamina and 6 spell power. This is going to be great for PvP as well. That’s a lot of stats for a Level 35 item. Deathmage Sash, 15 Intellect and 7 spell power. It seems like a lot of items got their stamina reduced or Spirit and converted into spell power, making them more likely to be used for PvE rather than PvP.

We have the Off-hand for Mordresh's Lifeless Skull, from 5 stamina, 11 Spirit, now has 11 Spirit, and 6 spell power. The Glowing Eye of Mordresh, which is a neck, had Intellect and Spirit before, now has 11 Spirit and 11 healing done by spells. Deadchill Armor, 3 stamina, 9 Intellect, 20 Spirit, converted to 3 stamina, 20 Intellect, and 11 damage done by healing and spells, great for Paladin and Shaman.

Profession Items Changes

Some items got changed in the profession area as well.


Golden Scale Boots with Blacksmithing now have, instead of Strength and Spirit, 8 Strength and 8 spell power.The Golden Scale Coif has, instead of Strength and Spirit, Strength and 12 spell power. The Golden Scale Cuirass will change from 14 Strength, 6 Spirit, to 14 Strength, 7 spell power.

Moving on to the Golden Scale Gauntlets, which will go form 11 Strength, 4 Spirit, to 11 Strength, 5 spell power. Golden Scale Leggings have 11 Strength, 5 Spirit, to 11 Strength, 6 spell power. We continue on with the Golden Scale Shoulders. The shoulders have 7 Strength and 7 spell power. It seems to be like a Glass Cannon set for Paladins and potential Shamans. Doesn’t offer much, but in terms of extra DPS for raids, it’s definitely going to do it.

We have the Moonsteel Broadsword, went from 4 stamina, 12 Spirit, to 26 healing spells, which is quite a lot. When it comes to Enchanting, we have the Greater Mystic Wand, which is a Level 31 change to a wand with 5 spell power.


Leatherworking also has some changes. The Guardian Belt, which has 8 spell power now. They removed the Intellect from it. However, the Guardian Bracers, which now have 7 spell power, the Guardian Pants with 9 spell power.

The Turtle Scale Breastplate, which has 9 stamina, 9 Intellect, and 11 spell power, which kind of makes more sense. This is way better optimized, itemized for PvP as well. Turtle Scale Gloves with 7 stamina, 6 intellect, and 7 spell power. It seems like the Turtle Scale is more appealing overall for general gameplay.

WOW Classic SOD Turtle Scale


Tailoring as well comes with the Big Voodoo Mask, 14 Intellect, 11 spell power. Then the Big Voodoo Robe with 14 Intellect and 11 spell power. Black Mageweave set which now has a bit of spell power as well. However, they have only Spirit instead of Intellect. I’m not sure exactly who is going to use those.

The Black Mageweave Legging have 14 Spirit, 9 spell power. The Black Mageweave Vest has 12 Spirit, 13 spell power. The Boots of the Enchanter have 8 Spirit, 6 spell power. And Crimson Silk Belt will have 7 Intellect and 7 spell power. Crimson Silk Robe will have 15 Intellect, 9 fire spell power. The Crimson Silk Shoulders will have 8 Intellect, 8 spell power. Earthen Silk Belt will have Spirit and 18 healing. Earthen Vest will have 10 Spirit and 13 healing. Enchanter’s Cowl will have 10 Intellect, 7 spell power. Long Silken Cloak will have 5 Intellect, 7 spell power.


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