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WOW Classic SOD: Make More Gold By Following These Flipping Strategies In Phase 2

Posted: Feb 07, 2024

With Phase 2 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery about to start in just a few days, I'm here to provide you with some tips on flipping for gold in Phase 2. If you're eager to learn more, let's dive straight into this guide.

Make More Gold By Following These Flipping Strategies In Phase 2

Sniper Operation

The first method that we’re going to be using throughout the series is using the Sniper Operation. What this does is we scan the auction house, and it’s live. So as soon as someone posts an item up that meets the criteria for the Sniper Operations, it will pop them up on the screen.

The number on the right side is the market value. The market value is basically the price an item should be. So, if you see an item with a much lower percent, that means it’s a good deal. If it’s at 100% of the market value, that means it’s priced where it should be. Then if it has a higher percent, it means it’s overpriced.

BOE Items

The second method I’m going to be using throughout this series is by scanning TSM Groups. There are some good items that are actually worth flipping for WoW SOD Gold. What we are going to do is scan the BOE items for Phase 2, trying to buy a few of them before Phase 2 launches so we have some of the best items to actually sell as soon as Phase 2 goes live.

I believe we’re searching just the BiS, the Pre-BiS, and the high demand items for Phase 2, and we’re just picking out some items that are going to be wonderful for Phase 2 while people are selling them really cheap at the moment because obviously no one has the level to actually use them. So, we’re just trying to scoop up some nice deals, and that’s what we will be doing until Phase 2 launches and until a few weeks into Phase 2. There’ll still be some items like this that we can get.

WOW Classic SOD TSM Groups

Market Resets

Moving on to the next method, it’s still scanning TSM Groups, but I’m going to show you how we do this with materials. Whatt you’re going to be doing is market resets. You may find an item that is way below the market value. For example, if there’s one posted at 40%, and the next one was like 70 or 80%, so we go ahead and we buy just the ones that are significantly below the market value.

We’re going to grab out all of the items that we just brought from the materials and the recipes, and we’ll go ahead and we’ll throw these up on the auction house. It’s super easy to post items up in the auction house. You can just use TSM, it will automatically calculate a profitable price, and it will post everything for you. All you have to do is click that post button or use the TSM Macro, and it will post them up on the auction house very quickly and always at a profitable price no matter what.

Final Thought

This is what we’re going to be doing throughout the new phase, and we’re going to be seeing if we can get to the gold cap in Season of Discovery. It’s a really big goal, but I believe that we can get there. So, when you have a little amount, it’s a bit slower, but the more gold that you have, the more gold you can actually make.


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