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WOW Classic SOD: You Can Make Lots Of Gold By Doing This Secret Darkmoon Faire Quest From Sayge!

Posted: Jan 06, 2024

Posted: Jan 06, 2024

Source:  IGGM

If you visited the Darkmoon Faire in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, you may already be familiar with Sayge, a fortune teller NPC that can grant you a variety of different buffs.

However, many people are unaware that Sayge can also offer you a secret quest, which has a chance to appear after you request a raid fortune.

WOW Classic SOD: You Can Make Lots Of Gold By Doing This Secret Darkmoon Faire Quest From Sayge!

Darkmoon Faire Quest Intro

This option pops up once you've received your World Buff, and selecting it will drop an interactable item in your inventory, which can turn into one of 29 different raid fortunes. You will also get a lot of SOD Gold for this.

While most of these things look like they came out of a Fortune Cookie, 4 of the potential drops are items that can start a quest. This means you have a roughly 1 out of 7 chance to get a quest fortune every time you speak to Sayge, but doing this has a 4-hour cooldown, so it may take you a bit of time to get one.

How To Make Profits By Doing This Quest?

Now, while this may already be new information to a lot of you, even if you already know this quest existed, you may not realize just how lucrative it can be.

After you obtain one of these fortunes, it'll direct you to a specific location, which can be in Mulgore, Elwynn Forest, The Deadmines, or Wailing Caverns. Any of these 4 quests can be obtained by either faction.

From here, you just need to reach the location marked on your map and then loot the interactable object nearby to receive your treasure. If your quest directs you to The Deadmines or Wailing Caverns, the chest will appear out of thin air after you've taken a few steps inside of the dungeon.

Despite having different turn-in locations, all these quests grant the same reward, which is a Mysterious Lockbox. This box will contain a variety of different items, but it usually gives you some food crafting materials, potions, and a random assortment of greens.

Additionally, these chests have a small chance to reward a bag, and on one of my level 25 characters, I managed to get a 10-slot bag out of my lockbox.

Something that many people don't seem to realize is that the loot from these containers actually scales with your level. So, the rewards you get when opening it at level 25 are much better than what you would get at level 10.

This is what really interests me about these Darkmoon Faire boxes. While you could pop them open now at level 25 and potentially make a few gold, I'm planning to save this quest on multiple characters before Classic WoW SoD Phase 2 begins.

Since the rewards aren't determined until you actually open the chest, it's possible for you to complete this quest once you've reached level 40, which would give you a bunch of greens for that level along with a chance of getting larger bags. If you want to quickly reach level 40 or upgrade your character quickly in Phase 2, buying IGGM's WOW Classic SOD Boosting service will be a good choice!

Since these items will likely sell for quite a bit once players start to reach level 40, picking up this quest on as many characters as possible is a really nice and easy way to prepare yourself for the next phase.

Whether you choose to open these boxes now or later, I hope you find this guide helpful.


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