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WOW Classic SOD: BOE Gold Farming In Kalimdor - A Horde-Friendly Guide

Posted: Jan 05, 2024

We’re looking at a BoE gold farm that is more catered towards the Horde in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. It is widely believed that Eastern Kalimdor is the chief place of the best gold farms, making it a popular choice for Alliance players. So this farm that I want to introduce to you is in Kalimdor. So before diving into this BoE gold farm guide, check that if you have a certain number of WoW Classic SOD God first.


The farm I will talk about is actually taking place in Kalimdor, but in Thousand Needles, and it’s going to be in one of the cave. Now, in that cave, you will find some hyper spawning Harpy mobs that are Level 29 to Level 30,for example. These spawns like absolute insane because there’s hard Quest deep inside this cave, so you’re never going to run out of mobs regardless of how many you kill and how much competition you have.

WOW Classic SOD: BOE Gold Farming In Kalimdor - A Horde-Friendly Guide

Iron Vein Spawns

It is worth mentioning that there's an iron vein spawns inside the cave, and the iron vein hyperspawns as well in such a small cave, so it's really good for us. But even if you don't have any professions, it's such a great farm because these mobs are at a perfect level to get high-end blue BoE items and also green.

High-Level Items Drops

Now, due to the high level of the mobs, these mobs will drop some BoE items that are above Level 25. Last time I farm in this cave, I have got a large number of BoE items above Level 25. For example, Level 28 gloves, a Level 27 bow, a Level 25 ax, Level 26 boots, and Level 27 boots. So definitely save those for Phase 2. But you do have a high chance of getting blue BoE items and green items at Level 24-25 from these harpies.

Darkmoon Faire

It doesn't stop there. They also drop gray items and white items that you can vendor for a lot of SOD gold. They drop Silk Cloth and they also drop Vibrant Plume.

Darkmoon Faire is not currently up but the item itself is needed for Darkmoon Faire. You hand them in, and in return, you will get the Darkmoon tickets in Mulgore or Elwynn Forest. It is said to be for Level 60, but it only requires Level 30 on it.

However, it does that on a lot of items that you can hand in during Darkmoon Faire and some people are specifically concerned about this issue. For example, a Level 18 Warlock could do the first 2. A Level 54 Rogue can do 5 of them or all of them if there is 6 available. However, the item exchanges for just 60er. They can be put on the auction at a very hefty price. They can also vendor for nearly 9 silver each, or even more like that.

This is absolutely a great BoE gold farm. So once again, head over to Tanaris and inside this cave, this Harpy cave, and good luck on the blue and green items.


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