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WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide On Taming The Unique Hunter Pet - Risen Gargantuan

Posted: Jan 06, 2024

The Risen Gargantuan is one of the rarest hunter pets in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. It’s a unique undead devilsaur model with the hood that can only be found in one location and requires a trick to tame. It’s normally only encountered while you’re stuck in a quest and can’t use your abilities. But with this trick, you can get yourself one of the rarest pets in Season of Discovery.

Don't forget to bring plenty of WoW SOD Gold with you if you are not sure what will happen by using this trick.

WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide On Taming The Unique Hunter Pet - Risen Gargantuan


To tame this Risen Gargantuan, you’ll first need to be an Alliance player. You also must be Beast Mastery respect, and finally, you’ll need to tame undead beasts by learning the Simple Tome of Bone-Binding.

Undead hunters automatically know this ability, but for other Hunter players, you’ll need to kill Elite NPCs throughout Maldraxxus until the rare tome drops. You can also farm plague full and Theater of Pain for this. Make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox icon after you’re eligible to tame this devilsour.

Zuldazar & Nazmir Campaigns

We can move on to the quest we need to complete in order to tame it. Before taming the Risen Gargantuan, it requires you to have completed both of the campaigns in Zuldazar and Nazmir. These campaigns normally start in Dazar’alor, and then you can simply follow the Quest icons. Don’t worry about completing any of the side quests. After doing these quests, you’ll complete the achievements of The Throne of Zuldazar and also The Dark Heart of Nazmir. Once you’ve completed these 2 achievements, you know you’re ready to move on.

Bulwark Of Torcali Quest

You’ll next need to come to this location in Zuldazar and complete a few pre-quests before we can start the quest we need, the Bulwark Of Torcali. Once you have access to this quest, you’ll need to accept it. This quest has you mount the direhorn, Old Rotana, where you lose access to your abilities in order to complete it. However, the phase is where you’ll find your new pet.

To keep access to your hunter abilities in order to tame the devilsaur, you want to position yourself so that the wooden post is between you and the direhorn. You’ll then click to mount, but the post will stop you from mounting. But you’ll still be moved into the quest instance. Then, you can find the Risen Gargantuan to tame.

Remember, if you want 2 of them for your animal companion, you’ll have to tame 2 of them. So make sure to bring the free pet slots.

Benefit From The Devilsour

This devilsour is a ferocity pet, so it gives you access to bloodlust and the Predator’s Thirst buff, giving you 15% leech. It also has a Mortal Strike effect in monstrous bite. Its special ability is Feast, allowing it to feast on nearby humanoid or beast corpses to heal itself.

That’s how you can tame one of the rarest hunter pets in the game. The achievements you need to complete gaining access to the quest, but it’s definitely worth it once you get your hands on this pet. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this pet in the game. Hope this quick guide can help you get your own undead hooded devilsour.


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