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WoW Classic SOD: What Makes Mage A Good Choice In Phase 2? - Gold Making, Talents & More

Posted: Jan 06, 2024

Posted: Jan 06, 2024

Source:  IGGM

I want to tell you why I think you should play Mage in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2. If you haven't tried Mage in Phase 1, I strongly recommend you to have a try. I'm sure you will like this character. Besides, Phase 2 will enable Mages to do more.

Make sure that you have enough WoW SOD Gold, and then is what I’m here to talk about - Why Mages are going to be amazing in Phase 2?

WoW Classic SOD: What Makes Mage A Good Choice In Phase 2? - Gold Making, Talents & More

Gold Making

Mages are by far one of the best and most fun gold makers in the game. I have always funded all of my characters from my Mage. Even before runes, Mages were soloing massive pulls in Zul’Farrak, The Slave Pens, and more. Whether it’s from the open world or instance farming, Mages have always been incredible at making gold.

With the new runes, Mages have gotten the ability to heal themselves. When I first heard this, I knew it was going to be insane for farming, but it’s way better than expected. If you have try Mage before, you must know that Mages are able to face tank massive amounts of damage while doing insane amounts of DPS with Living Flame and Living Bomb. You will be able to do some incredible things that you have never done in Phase 1. Mages are already incredible at dungeon and gold farming.

Talents & Skills

We don’t even have a lot of the talents and spells that make farming easier, which is what I want to talk about next is talents and skills. In phase 2, we get access to some incredible talents and skills. By Level 40, in terms of farming, we get Ice Barrier, Ice Block, and Cone of Cold. All 3 of these are going to be huge for solo dungeon farms as well as massive open-world farms like the bandits in Silithus.

While we can already use Improved Blizzard now, our current mana pool makes it not worth it compared to just Living Bomb spamming. It’s possible that Deep Frost Blizzard builds become the best for farming and solo content in the future.

In terms of PvE, though, this is where things get most exciting. In the Arcane tree, we get access to Arcane Power and Presence of Mind, which are huge for PvE DPS and healing. These talents are the main reason I am excited to raid on my Mage in Phase 2. You’ll see people raiding as Frost, Fire, and Arcane, but you’ll often see their talents will be deep into Arcane for Arcane Power. We also get Mage Armor, which will help massively with mana issues. We also get our first mana gem.

Besides, we get the ability to conjure the best water and sell Portal. This will be a very good passive income.


On to runes, this is where things get most exciting. This is obviously all speculation as we do not know how many new runes or rune slots we are getting in Phase 2. Here’s a small list of incredible Mage spells that could be coming up in Phase 2 or future phases: Water Elemental, Invisibility, Slow, Alter Time, Mirror Image, Arcane Barrage, Hot Streak, Dragon's Breath, and possibly one of the most anticipated runes in Season of Discovery, Time Warp.

WoW Classic SOD Time Warp

These runes would be massive game-changers. Invisibility for saving yourself from death in a failed dungeon run. Water Elemental is great for controlling large amounts of mobs with the range nova. An Arcane Barrage would be a great addition to the Arcane rotation. Dragon's Breath and Hot Streak would make Fire more versatile in PvP and PvE. We could also see Hot Streak have instant-cast Flame Strikes and mix with the mana return dagger from Maraudon.

Then there is Time Warp, which would be unreal. Eventually, Mages get an equivalent spell called Time Warp. Time Warp would not only make Mages required in each party for Alliance, but in terms of farming, it would be huge for killing massive AoE packs much faster. For the Alliance, you’ve got insane amounts of gold-making potential with farming dungeons, farming the open world, selling water, and selling portals. You can solo a lot of dungeons for your pre-BIS.

With the other classes getting amazing new things to help fill our weaknesses, now is the perfect time to roll a Mage if you’re thinking about leveling a Mage.


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