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WoW Classic SOD: Dark Iron Ordinance Farming Is Beneficial For Phase 3

Posted: Apr 01, 2024

Today, I'm excited to share another incredible gold farming method of WoW Classic Season of Discovery to prepare for Phase 3 with you all. With Phase 3 on the horizon, now is the perfect time to bolster your gold reserves in preparation for upcoming quests and dungeons.

WoW Classic SOD: Dark Iron Ordinance Farming Is Beneficial For Phase 3

Preparation & Location

Before we delve into the gold farming process, there are a couple of important steps to take. Firstly, I highly recommend stopping by your capital cities to acquire the necessary buffs. These buffs will significantly ease the farming process and make it more efficient.

Then, let's travel to the Wetlands. While this may pose a challenge for Horde players, it's relatively easier for Alliance players. The Wetlands is where our gold farming location is situated. Follow along as I make my way there, and I'll demonstrate how you can efficiently farm up large quantities of WoW SOD Gold.

Farm Dark Iron Dwarves

Here we are at our designated farming location in Dun Morogh. However, I want to bring to your attention another viable farming spot known as Direforge Hill. It's teeming with mobs just like this location, and there are also mobs on the bridge to the Arathi Highlands.

It's essential to keep your options open when deciding where to farm, as occasionally, there may be groups already occupying certain spots. Our focus today is on the Dark Iron Dwarves. These formidable Elite mobs drop a highly sought-after item known as the Dark Iron Ordinance.

WoW Classic SOD Wetlands

Importance Of Dark Iron Ordinance

The Dark Iron Ordinance serves various purposes within the game, with its primary role being a crucial component of the current Paladin Rune. This rune holds significant importance for Paladins engaging in PvP battles and preparing for upcoming raids. Obtaining the Paladin rune is essential for enhancing their competitive edge and effectiveness in various PvE encounters.

The Dark Iron Ordinance is not readily available but obtained from Elite-level Dark Iron mobs that are scattered throughout specific areas. These mobs are formidable adversaries, requiring skill and strategy to defeat. However, their drops include the valuable Dark Iron Ordinance, making them targets for players seeking to acquire this essential item.

When venturing into areas where Dark Iron mobs roam, such as the Wetlands, players may encounter groups actively farming these mobs. In such situations, it's advisable to approach these groups and request an invitation to join their farming party.

These groups often have space available and are open to inviting additional members. Joining a farming group not only increases efficiency but also enhances the chances of obtaining the necessary Dark Iron Ordinance items in a timely manner.

Leveling Benefits

Once you're in a group and prepared to start farming, it's essential to remain active. It's crucial to quickly join the fray and contribute to your attacks. This farm is accessible to players of various levels, making it an attractive option for those below Level 30 as well. Even if you're significantly lower in level, there's a good chance you'll find a group willing to include you in their farming efforts.

Engaging in combat with these mobs not only yields valuable Dark Iron Ordinance but also provides a significant amount of experience points. Players below Level 30 can expect to gain between 2,000 to 3,000 XP per kill - an impressive rate of progression.

In fact, this farm is so efficient that it can rapidly propel players from Level 20 to 30 in a short amount of time. Its effectiveness as a leveling method compared to traditional questing, particularly in vast zones like Ashenvale.

WoW Classic SOD Dark Iron Ordinance

High Profitability

We are aiming to eliminate as many as possible to maximize our loot potential. While this particular mob didn't drop what we were looking for, Dark Iron Ordinance typically drops from almost every other mob in this area. Its selling price fetches around 50 silver per piece on the auction house. However, this value can skyrocket to 2 or even 3 gold per piece.

With such high profitability, spending extended periods farming Dark Iron Ordinance can yield significant returns, providing ample funds to purchase desired gear from the auction house. If you're unable to find a group farming these mobs, consider it a boon rather than a setback. Solo farming allows you to claim most of the XP and loot drops, maximizing your gains.

Farming Tips

As we conclude our gold farm, let's delve into a vital aspect that can further enhance your earnings. Many players in this area are not farming for Dark Iron Ordinance but for their pre-bis gear, essential for progressing into Phase 3 content.

Here's where you can capitalize on the social aspect of the game. Engage with players in your party chat, offering to purchase Dark Iron Ordinance from them for a generous price, such as two gold per stack. Surprisingly, many players may have amassed a surplus of Dark Iron Ordinance without realizing its true value. By leveraging this opportunity, you can acquire a substantial amount of Dark Iron Ordinance, greatly boosting your gold reserves.

Most players are receptive to the offer, and even if they know the market value, they're unlikely to reject the trade. As long as you approach it tactfully and respectfully, you'll find that many players are willing to part with their excess Dark Iron Ordinance for a fair price.


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