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WOW Classic SOD: 2 BiS Gear Sets For Ranged DPS Hunters In Phase 3 Raids - Agility & Spell Power

Posted: Mar 29, 2024

Welcome to this new guide of WoW Classic Season of Discovery! As the Phase 3 approaches, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming release of the Sunken Temple raid by reviewing pre-release gear options. There are still so many things unknown. With that said, part of the reason we want to go over our gear set now is so that we can start preparing ourselves as early as possible.

We’ll be going over 2 gear sets along with the reasonable options if a piece is hard to obtain. One set will be your standard Agility set, while the second one will be the Spell Power set.

WOW Classic SOD: 2 BiS Gear Sets For Ranged DPS Hunters In Phase 3 Raids - Agility & Spell Power

Agility Set

Starting off with the Agility set, here is a full overview of the set. We’ll still run some Phase 2 pieces while still having room to optimize our gear before heading into the raid.

Helmet: We’ll be running the crafted Leatherworking Helmet called Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl for the raw stats and the on-use effect.

Neck: You’ll still be using the neck from the quest item - Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque from the last boss of Gnomeregan. If you haven’t received it yet, you can pick up Thermaplugg's Engineering Notes from the Level 48 version of Sentinel’s Medallion as an easy alternative.

Shoulders: We’ll run Troggslayer Pauldrons, as there are no other options that are even close.

Cloak: We’ll want to run Blisterbane Wrap or Dark Phantom Cape, as they’re both BiS. If you have a hard time getting your hands on one, you can pick up the Engraved Cape of Agility cloak or the Blackveil Cape from Blackrock Depths (BRD).

WOW Classic SODBlackrock Depths

Chests: We’ll pick up the Fungus Shroud Armor from Maraudon. Alternatively, you can go for the Crusader's Armor of Agility chest or stick with the Blazewind Breastplate.

Bracers: W’ll want to pick up the Level 50 version of the Forest Stalker's Bracers. And if you’re not exalted, you can run with Deepfury Bracers or simply stay with your Experimental Aim Stabilizers.

Gloves: Void-Touched Leather gloves will be the best option for quick fights. For longer fights, the cooldown offers limited value and will be on par with Fingers of Arcane Accuracy. However, the Blight Leather Gloves could be the gloves offering the most value, especially if you’re running Aspect of the Lion.

Belts: Darkvision Girdle and the Highlander's Chain Girdle belt from Arathi Basin are basically equivalent, so if you have either one, you’re set.

Legs: We run the Ironhide Legguards of Agility legs, and if they cost too many SOD Gold or in short supply, Nimble Triprunner Dungarees will be your second best option.

Boots: We head into Maraudon to pick up the Albino Crocscale Boots. You wouldn’t need to worry too much about other options as they are rather easy to get, but it’s worth mentioning you will probably get Sandstalker Ankleguards at some point while leveling in Silithus, which is not too far off the best option.

WOW Classic SOD Silithus

Rings: We’ll want to pick up the Blackstone Ring from Princess in Maraudon, as well as Masons Fraternity Ring from the quest in Silithus. Blackstone Ring will, of course, be in high demand, so you can pick up the Arctic Ring of Agility until you get yours.

Trinkets: We’ll stick with Avenger's Void Pearl or Gyromatic Experiment 420b, depending on what we already have. In the second slot, we’ll run Devilsaur Eye from the Level 50 Hunter-specific quest line. If you average out the 150 attack power over its cooldown duration, it offers 25 overall attack power.

But since we can combine it with other cooldowns like Rapid Fire and the on-use helmet, it’ll offer far more value than static attack power would. Not to mention that we can use Feign Death to swap trinkets after the on-use effect is over.

Melee Weapons: We’ll still want to run with 2 one-handers, assuming we won’t be melee weaving. Sentinel’s Blade in one hand and Corpse Harvester of Agility weapon in the other. There are 2-handers that grant slightly more Agility, but that is more than made up for by having 2 with 15 Agility enchants instead of one enchant with 25 Agility. Putting up double Brilliant Wizard Oil on our weapons will be absolutely nuts.

Ranged Weapons: We’ll want to go with the new STV Bloodthirst Crossbow. It’s honestly not that much better than the Thermaplugg's Custom Blaster.

WOW Classic SOD Sunken Temple

Spell Power Set

Let’s move on to the Spell Power set. With the Phase 3 teaser, Spell Power gains even more value than in Phase 2, and as preparing for that outcome is not a bad idea. Here is a quick overview of the set we will be using heading into Sunken Temple. Let’s go over the pieces that differ in this set from the last.

Helmet: We’ll still be running the crafted Leatherworking Helmet, but depending on how well we scale with Spell Power in Phase 3, it could absolutely be worth it to feign that swap into the Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus when the helmet is on cooldown if you have Engineering.

Chest: We’ll swap to the Irradiated Robe for the Spell Power.

Wrists: It’ll be between the Dryad's Wrist Bindings and Forest Stalker's Bracers. As of the Phase 2 tuning, the leather ones would still come out on top, but with Lock and Load in Phase 3, that could be a very well change.

Gloves: We’ll run Void-Touched Leather Gauntlets, which is a new version for that 10% damage buff, so we can snapshot our Serpent Sting on pull.

WOW Classic SOD Hunter BiS Gear

Waist: We’ll run Ban'thok Sash if we have access to BRD, and if not, we run Volatile Concoction Belt.

Legs: We’ll try to pick up the Spellshock Leggings, but with how many people will be spamming Sulfuron Harbinger, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your hands on a pair.

Rings: For the second ring, we’ll go to the Songstone of Ironforge if BRD is available, and if not, we’ll go with the Masons Fraternity Ring.

Trinkets: We’ll run Miniaturized Combustion Chamber or Invoker's Void Pearl, along with Devilsaur Eye.

Weapons: We’ll still run our Phase 2 options, namely Glimmering Gizmoblade and Dagger of Willing Sacrifice.

Ranged Weapon: The STV Bloodthirst Crossbow should add slightly more value to the Spell Power build, so try to pick that up if you can.

Final Thought

These gear builds will be the pre-BiS with the information we have right now, but things could change very rapidly in WoW Season of Discovery and may be very different from day one of the patch. I’ll continue to update to keep you up to date if anything changes after the release of Phase 3.


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