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WOW Classic SOD: 6 Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Phase 3 Wealth

Posted: Apr 02, 2024

With Season of Discovery Phase 3 just around the corner, do you need some gold? Accumulating gold is necessary to purchase high-end gear, rare mounts, glyphs, and gems. Don’t miss this guide if you don’t want to waste most of your game time on ineffective ways of farming gold.

In this guide, I will show you 6 efficient ways to make money in WOW Classic SOD to help you become richer as quickly as possible. Without further ado, let’s get started!

WOW Classic SOD: 6 Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Phase 3 Wealth

Dustbelcher Ogre

Let’s start method one: we first need to go to Badlands, find and kill Dustbelcher Ogre. They mainly focus on these two points on the map.

WOW Classic SOD Dustbelcher Ogre Location

These ogres have some pretty good base drops and can give you a steady income of WOW Classic SOD Gold. On top of that, they can also drop some Waylaid Supplies, and if you’re lucky, you might even get Bow of Searing Arrows. This method can earn an average of 35 gold coins per hour.

Note that you may often see a group of four Ogre walking around here. You can kill them, but there are some spellcasters among them, so stay alert.

Besides, there are some treasure chests around Ogre camps. Whenever possible, feel free to hunt for treasure chests to get some extra gold.

Deathstrike Tarantula

Turning to method two, we need to head to Swamp of Sorrows, where we will encounter Deathstrike Tarantula. They can be found in these areas of the map.

WOW Classic SOD Deathstrike Tarantula Location

By killing Deathstrike Tarantula, you can earn 45 gold per hour. However, you need to pay attention to the lower right part of this map. When there is no Tarantula, there will be Tangled Horrors walking around, and you can kill these Horrors for a chance of getting a Heart of the Wild or some good BOE items.

If you’ve got some good AOE damage and the cooldown is extended, then every time a lot of Murlocs get together, walk along the coast and kill them at will, then go back and kill Tarantula.

A final tip is to save your Spider Meat for exchange rate reset day. It will be slightly more expensive on this day, so you’ll get some extra WoW SoD Gold.

Truesilver Deposit

Method three, we will return to Badlands. There are a lot of Truesilver Deposits around Badlands, but we’ll focus on the top right corner. Because Truesilver Deposit in this corner is a Hyper Spawn, you can walk around in circles and keep mining gold. You can earn at least 52 gold per hour here.

WOW Classic SOD Truesilver Deposit Location

Be warned, it gets very crowded here, so try to come here early in the morning or late at night when no one will bother you. There are also Little Dragons flying around there, feel free to kill them as they will drop items worth 50 Silver Coins.

Don’t forget to use Enchant Gloves with +5 mining while farming. This will greatly increase your hourly earnings.

Uldaman Dungeon

Next, let’s come to method four, Uldaman Dungeon. Because as Phase 3 approaches, the prices of BOE items are dropping. Therefore, you can buy some rare consumables at prices close to the vendors and sell them at the beginning of the next phase to make huge profits.

Arena Treasure Chest

Method five is very simple, but still worth mentioning: it is Arena Treasure Chest. Use alts in the arena and try to loot Treasure Chest every time you spawn. It is generated every 3 hours, and the time it is generated is also known. Therefore, with this method, you can steadily earn additional income.

WOW Classic SOD: Arena Treasure Chest Farming Guide

Dark Hooded Cape

The last method, which is also short, is to farm Dark Hooded Cape. This is a blue cloak worth 200-300 gold, dropped by an elite mob named Nimar. This elite mob spawns every 8 hours. To make it easier to spot him, you can use addons to locate Nimar.

The above are the 6 profitable farming methods that I commonly use in WOW Classic SOD. Try it now, accumulate more coins and take the lead in Phase 3.


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