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WOW Cataclysm Classic: Preparations For The Upcoming Return Of This Expansion

Posted: Mar 05, 2024

Before the pre-patch and the arrival of WOW Cataclysm Classic, it’s imperative to target certain items of rarity. These coveted treasures contain a variety of offerings, including transmog items, mounts, and titles. Just follow my steps and explore them.

WOW  Cataclysm Classic: Preparations For The Upcoming Return Of This Expansion


When talking about mounts, then you should also try to obtain the Tiger and the Raptor from the 25-man raid Zul’Gurub. However, a Level 60 raid, so you can either solo this or at least do it as 2 people.

In WoW Cataclysm, these mounts will at some point be removed from the game, probably in Phase 2 when Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman are going to be turned into Level 85 dungeons. But because these mounts also have a very low drop chance, then I recommend you to start farming them now, and that’s why they’re also mentioned in this guide.

Transmog Items

Next, let's delve into Transmogrification, then how it works is that your character is supposed to equip the item that you also obtain. As a Druid, you can not obtain a bow and then have the appearance. You’ve got to make sure you can equip the item before it will also become a transmog item.

That’s why you can also invest in many things already. For example, getting yourself a unique appearance that might also become a lot more expensive later on, at least when transmog is being introduced into the pre-patch.

Bcause things will change in the pre-patch, then a lot of the different quests that you could usually do in original Classic will no longer be doable. Some quests will still be, but the quest rewards will also change. In Stranglethorn Vale, there’s a Level 45 rare NPC called Scale Belly.

It has a chance to drop the Chromatic Sword, a sword that has a rainbow glowing effect. When the pre-patch goes live, you may no longer be able to obtain this sword, so you are expected to spend a lot more WOW Cataclysm Gold than before to get it. You can find it in a cave south of the Crystal Veins.

WOW Classic Cataclysm Transmogrification

This is also the same case with a lot of the different dungeons. So I highly recommend you to try to do the quest or dungeons where you also like the appearance of an item because this transmog might not be obtainable in the pre-patch. Because you got these items before the pre-patch, then you now also have got yourself a unique appearance that no one else will obtain.

The same goes for the different rare creatures in the open world. As of now, you can get yourself unique items, but these will also be removed from the game simply because either the rare will be removed, or the level of these creatures will be changed, so they no longer have these items in the loot table. This could be the title charm from the prince that you can obtain in the Arathi Highlands and Wetlands. As an Alliance player, getting this quest item that will transform you into another appearance. In the pre-patch, this will most likely also be removed soon.

What we also got to remember is with the raids being removed or turned into Level 85 dungeons, then you can no longer obtain the different appearance. That’s why I highly recommend you to also try to get the different items for transmog, not just from Zul’Gurub, but also from Zul’Aman.


There are also a couple of raids you should be doing now in the WOTLK as quickly as possible to get some titiles:

It’s going to be Naxxramas 10 and 25-man where you can obtain the Immortal and the Undying title. This is achieved when you complete the whole raid without any raid members dying. You unlock the Immortal when you complete this achievement on 25-man and the Undying on 10-man.

The next raid you should head into is Ulduar. There’s also going to be the same kind of achievement for 10 and 25-man mode where none of your raid members is supposed to die. The titles will, however, be a bit different. It’s either going to be the Conqueror of Ulduar or Champion of Ulduar.

WOW Classic Cataclysm Conqueror of Ulduar

The next raid is the Trial of the Crusader. You can obtain yourself a title, the Argent Defender, and even 2 different mounts. As an Alliance player, you can obtain this horse on 10-man heroic mode if none of your raid members dies. On 25-man mode, it’s also going to be a horse, but with a lot more armor and even a flag. As a Horde player, you can obtain this wolf in 10-man mode and on 25-man mode. You also get a horse, but this time with another appearance, as the armor and even the color of the horse have changed.


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