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Honkai Star Rail: What You Can Do Every Day?

Posted: Mar 13, 2023

Today, I would like to walk you through on what to do in Honkai Star Rail on a daily basis for when the game comes out this year on April 26th.


First of all, I would like to mention that Honkai Star Rail does use a similar Energy System from what you see in Genshin Impact. It’s called Replenish Trailblaze Power, and the cap is a little higher than Genshin Impact at 180 and it replenishes one Trailblazer power every six minutes, which is a bit faster than Genshin Impact.

Honkai Star Rail

Use Up Your Energy & Trailblazer Power

This is the major way to get Trailblazer Power, which is your adventure level invention or your AR up after you exhaust away all your main storyline quests and side story quests. From my experience, you do get stuck at around late 20s and then you get stuck around getting XP from 30s to 40s.

Usually, the first thing I do is to make sure to spend keep spending your energy and don’t let it cap like this. I usually use my energy on skill upgrade materials and Character Ascension Materials since it’s a for sure upgrade rather than trying to RNG. Also, you should get a good blue slash purple relic, which is basically your equipment. Gold Rarity does start to drop at Equilibrium level three, which is equivalent to your world level from Genshin Impact and you need Trailblazer level 40.

The exception is that the Ornaments (another type of equipment/relic you can get), which drop in Simulated Universe. You can get the gold Ornaments starting at world level five and you can also get them at world level six. This will unlock after getting your Trailblazer level up to 30 and get finishing your Equilibrium level 2 quest.

Finish Your Daily Quests & Battlepass Daily Quests

Then, you should also finish the world main storyline quest to do your daily training. To double check your Daily Training, just click on the card and then you have your own list of your Daily Training tasks that you can do every single day. These are different every single day, make sure to do them because they are another source of Trailblazer XP, which you need to do to unlock the main storyline quest and Equilibrium level.

As I did mentioned before, it does get a little harder to level up from 30s to 40s to getting from that Equilibrium two to Equilibrium three, which you get to start off of getting your gold rarity.

Next, do your Battlepass - a daily quest 2. In order to click on your battlepass, you can double check the second tab and then Today’s Mission in order to level up your Battlepass. You can get a lot of rewards here.

Do Assignments & Ongoing Events

There are also assignments that you can do every day, which you can put your characters to work. So, press Escape and then there’s like an Assignment tab. Then, you can choose a bunch of different Character Materials, Character EXP, Light Cone EXP, Credits and Synthesis Materials. You can send up to four. All you have to do is just like click the assignments, click whatever characters you want to send off and your duration of time and after 20 hours, you do get your Assignment Rewards and any Extra Rewards.

After spending energy and finishing your daily quests, you can also check if there are any events ongoing. So in this CBT that I participated in, just double check because you go on the top right and then it’s like a circle icon you can click.

CBT I participated in HSR

Let’s come to your Travel Log. In the CBT that participated in, there was a daily login for seven days for one free ticket per day. If it’s similar to the CBT mode for the official launch, make sure to double check and click and click to claim it.

Cosmic Warfare - This Week’s Event

In this week’s events, we have Cosmic Warfare, which is similar to Epic 7’s Expedition. You get three scouts, four balls per day and also seven attacks, which replenish at 4 AM. You can share your boss with your friends or you can open it to everybody. After you beat the boss, you get points and then these points can be accumulated for certain rewards.

HSR Cosmic Warfare

To sum it all up, use up your energy and your Trailblazer Power every day, finish your daily quests and battlepass daily quests, assignments and ongoing events are all the things you can do in Honkai Star Rail every day.

If you think that leveling up by doing daily tasks is too slow, then directly obtaining a HSR Account is a good choice. In this way, you can not only experience more interesting content but also have a better gaming experience.


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