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The Elder Scrolls Online will be implementing an online fix for some time

Posted: Mar 07, 2022

Posted: Mar 07, 2022

Source:  IGGM

With some of the largest player counts on Steam, Elden Ring appears to have lived up to its pre-launch hype. With a content-packed open world, Souls-series gameplay, and incredibly deep lore and story, Elden Ring is the unmistakable Game of the Year candidate in the pipeline.


IGGM attributes much of the game's success to its fresh take on the Souls game: its open-world nature makes it a more accessible game than previous FromSoftware games. Encounters like Elden Ring's Sleeping Dragon will greatly reward players for exploration, making them incredibly powerful before facing the game's main boss. FromSoftware has a proven track record of crafting extremely challenging boss fights. Specifically, combat in the Elden Ring varies widely, with bosses like the Tree Sentinel and the Crucible Knights of the Elden Ring offering insane challenges early in the new game. Perhaps the biggest challenge many players have faced so far has been the game's first story boss, Margit, Omen of the Fall. This particular boss has been a hot topic on the internet, not only because of its difficulty but also because of the way early players encountered it. All things considered, it's one of the toughest encounters FromSoftware has ever had seen.

One of the biggest arguments surrounding the game, especially after web testing, is the idea that the game looks too simple. In-network testing, players forged their way through the first area, finding powerful weapons, armor, and spells early on. While the game's final version took away many of the early advantages, it did leave behind the ability to become powerful through exploration. Robot_tron's over leveling is one example, while others exist, such as Elden Ring's Rogier's Rapier weapon. Many people believe that Elden Ring and other games should have difficult settings, but in fact, in-game systems (such as the ability to become powerful early) can be used as a way to change the difficulty, as they allow players to lower the difficulty of the game through their actions. It must be noted that robot_tron's level of 93 is absurd, especially considering they haven't played Margit yet. A character at a much lower level will have a good chance of finishing most of the game, but a character at level 93 might have beaten all the bosses. At this level of commitment, it's safe to say that robot_tron can even hit a 100% win rate in Elden Ring. To guarantee to increase the winning rate, you can also improve yourself by purchasing ESO Gold to win.


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