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The Best Outfits for The Elder Scrolls Online and How to Get Them

Posted: Mar 24, 2022

Players can unlock The Elder Scrolls Online's collectibles in a variety of ways, from skins to outfits, there's always something, no matter their cosmetic preferences. However, some of the benefits are only available in expansion packs, so players can get them by purchasing them individually or by purchasing ESO Plus.

Outfits give players a new look for their characters. If they unlock an outfit for one character, every character in their account will have that outfit unlocked. Here are the best outfits for The Elder Scrolls Online and instructions on how to unlock them.

The Dark Seducer outfit provides the player's character with a striking and unique piece of armor, and is easily obtainable once they reach 60 Champion Points. After reaching level 50, they start earning champion points, so even new players shouldn't take too long to get this outfit. So this is the perfect beginner's kit.

Mannimarco is the main villain of the ESO storyline, so players can unlock his outfit to wear on Tamriel's adventures. The costume itself includes armor for the torso, as well as a shiny crown worn on the character's head. Players can unlock by leveling up. This cosmetic can be unlocked on all of their characters once they reach 100 Champion Points. Know that Mannimarco's outfit is a nice reward for reaching the Champion Point milestone.

Unlocking Orsimer King's Regalia isn't challenging, but it does require some work. First, players need to own the Orsinium DLC, then head to Wrothgar and start the expansion's main questline. After completing the story of the DLC, they will unlock Orsimer King's Regalia.

Finally, if you want to know about other costumes from The Elder Scrolls Online, please keep an eye on our website -, and I will post relevant information in a timely manner. We are also a website that sells ESO Gold.


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