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The Elder Scrolls Online: Introducing the upcoming new zone of High Isle

Posted: Apr 29, 2022

The Elder Scrolls Online, co-published by Bethesda and ZeniMax Online, has been gearing up for a new chapter since it was announced a few weeks ago that it would launch on June 6, with the game getting multiple platform updates and adding lots of exciting new content, Players can embark on a medieval fantasy experience, strengthening characters and advancing the game in Legacy of Breton.

Just a few days ago, the game released a preview of the new zone on High Isle. High Isle is the epitome of Breton culture, a travel destination for its high society. Composed of two areas, the titular High Isle and the prison island of Amenos, players can fully explore different types of dungeons and get a lot of rewards by defeating enemies to complete tasks.

Meanwhile, designs for the Systres Archipelago, the stronghold of the Breton elite, debuted. The design of this location is inspired by the unique natural landscape of the Mediterranean, where players can experience Breton's maritime history and beautiful sea views.

Contrary to its apparent serenity, the Systres Archipelago hides dangers and political intrigue. This is different from Tamriel's culture. Although it is in a neutral position, it is still full of contradictions in various organizations, and players may encounter new monsters Ornaugs on the coast, which requires players to be careful.

Additionally, players will meet a new Companion knight Isobel Veloise at High Isle. The new chapter will also provide more exciting stories and challenging quest lines, players have to face the intrigue and adventure under the peace in the High Isle Chapter.

The release of new content is always full of reverie, and I believe High Isle Chapter will bring an excellent gaming experience. IGGM will continue to update with the latest news for you about the game, and you are welcome to continue to pay attention. In addition, as a professional third-party game service provider, we will also provide you with cheap The Elder Scrolls Online Gold. You are welcome to consult the website's customer service at any time.


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