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The Elder Scrolls Online: A preview of new characters

Posted: May 11, 2022

It is less than a month before The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is released. In order to allow players to adapt to the plot and rhythm of the new chapter as soon as possible, Bethesda not only released the prelude mission of High Isle as a warm-up but also introduced the upcoming characters.

Just yesterday, The Elder Scrolls Online introduced players to the evil Ascendant Lord and Magus, two powerful leaders of the Ascendant Order. Regarding the introduction of the new characters, the official revealed through a dialogue between them and the chronicler writers.

Ascendant Lord and Magus are always in armor and they have spoken out against the corrupt Tamriel's kings and queens. Thus, They established the Ascendant Order to overthrow the Empire. On the surface, they criticized oppression and violence, but in fact, they have not given up this method to hinder and destroy the peace talks between the alliances.

The Ascendant Lord and Magus are contradictory, they aim to reckon with oppression, but do the opposite, throwing the whole of Tamriel into endless chaos. When the chronicler in the conversation asked the Ascendant Order's motives for killing the guards and robbing the merchants and peasants, the Ascendant Lord did not admit it, and he radically believed that everything he did was reasonable.

These two characters seem to play a big role in the new chapter's plot. The preview of the new characters has made players more interested in High Isle's political conspiracy plot and the positions of various factions, and they are more and more looking forward to the official experience of High Isle. will continue to provide you with the latest news of The Elder Scrolls Online. Not only that, you can also get ESO Gold For Sale on IGGM. As a professional third-party game service provider, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Welcome to contact us anytime.


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