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News Tag: skull and bones fall of lanitra investigation

  • Skull And Bones: How To Investigate The Secrets Of Fall Of Lanitra And Get The Ultimate Reward?

    Posted: Mar 01, 2024

    As a pirate action-adventure game, Skull and Bones is filled with tasks to complete, resources to collect, and enemy ships to sink. Only by completing these tasks can players obtain more Infamy in the game and dominate the ocean.

    For some contracts, tasks, and bounties in the game, there are many mysteries that need to be solved as investigations.

    The first investigative item you’ll encounter in Skull and Bones is Fall of Lanitra, which you can discover by listening to Sainte-Anne’s rumors. In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about completing a Fall of Lanitra investigation. If you want to solve the mystery and get the ultimate reward, then you shouldn’t miss this guide.

    How To Start An Investigation?

    After hearing rumors about Lanitra in Pirate Den of Sainte-Anne, you can trigger Fall of Lanitra investigation by traveling to Lanitra outpost in  Red Isles north of Sainte-Anne.

    To find the newspaper and start the investigation, you simply dock at Lanitra outpost, then walk up the hill from the entrance and follow the rope on the left down to lower ground. Then, turn left at the fork and go up the mountain. You can find the newspaper on the right side of the area, buried under the pillar next to the sword.

    The newspaper will trigger the start of Fall of Lanitra investigation and provide you with a clue that will transport you to Guerande outpost.

    Travel To Guerande

    After you find the newspaper, you need to find and go to Guerande. Fortunately, the outpost is fairly easy to find, as it’s not far south of Sainte-Anne.

    If you want to shorten the time it takes to get them, you can use Skull and Bones’ fast travel feature to quickly travel to Sainte-Anne and sail to the outpost from there.

    Once you reach Guerande outpost, you’ll need to pull your ship close enough to interact with the outpost and hold down the indicated button to plunder the island. If you choose plunder, it is essential to purchase some Skull and Bones Items to increase the attack power of your own ship.

    While you are more than welcome to fully complete the plunder and destroy any enemy ships, this is not necessary for the investigation to progress. Therefore, if you focus on investigating the truth, you can plunder enemy ships in a targeted manner to speed up progress.

    Once you trigger the plunder, you’ll be able to collect some loot, including the last clue as to who’s behind Fall of Lanitra. This person is none other than John Scurlock.

    Confront Pirate Leader

    Once you’ve completed the plunder, either by destroying the enemy ships or leaving the area, you’ll need to return to Sainte-Anne to confront the pirate leader.

    Scurlock will be in his usual spot, and his office is next to Saint-Anne warehouse. To complete the investigation, select the dialogue options he faces regarding his role in Fall of Lanitra.

    Confronting Scurlock will trigger a dialogue in which you can find out more about his motivations. He will reveal that he was cut out of Schaduw’s Booty, so he betrayed Freeman’s kingdom for the bounty. In the end, he will pay the price and the investigation is complete.

    After completing Fall of Lanitra investigation, you will receive a chest and 250 Infamy points. That’s it, this guide ends. Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out the truth about Fall of Lanitra and get more Infamy!

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