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News Tag: diablo 4 affixes

  • Diablo 4: How To Better Enchant Equipment? - Affixes & Stats Explained

    Posted: Aug 05, 2023

    Have you noticed that when you re-roll gear in Diablo 4, you tend to get the same result? Or are certain Affixes more common on certain parts, such as crit chance on gloves?

    This is because Affixes are specific to certain items and are weighted to have fresh chances of appearing. So stop wasting your Diablo 4 Gold. I’ll walk through each item type to give you the details. This way we have a better understanding of how enchanting works and how the game categorizes them.

    Category Of Affixes

    Similar Affixes can belong to the category of “family.” An example is Potion Capacity and Potion Drop Rate are indicated by scroll icons in this figure. You can only get 1 Affixes from a family on any piece of equipment. 

    Let’s say you’re trying to stack Dodge chance. You can’t get a Dodge chance on your pants and a Dodge chance on a close enemy because they are from the same family.

    However, you can pick up another Dodge chance Affix on your boots. It will effectively let you build your character in the direction you want. Some Affixes fall into another category called Priority, represented by a skull icon.

    Priority Affixes

    When re-rolling gear, the game checks to see if you already have priority Affixes. If not, the algorithm will force one to be generated in the next volume. This can create a very frustrating situation where you get the same Affixes repeatedly. 

    That said, you can still get multiple priority Affixes, but this can only happen when dropped. Once you have a priority Affixes, Occultist will never roll a second, third or similar Affixes again.

    Keep this in mind, because if you want to get multiple priority Affixes on that Diablo 4 Items, you’ll need to hunt for the drop. Next, you can click the cross icon on any Affixes you want to get. Remember again that you cannot have two Affixes from the same family or two priority Affixes.

    This will show your odds and expected gold and resource costs. Remember, these are just odds, it could show that you need thirty-two and you get it the second time around. For someone else, it might take sixty tries. These odds are just to help you make a more informed decision on whether it’s worth re-rolling your gear for something better.

    How To Increase The Chance Of Enchanting Equipment?

    Now, you’re probably thinking about how to get Affixes you want based on what I just showed you, and how you can use that information to your advantage. But I’ll go a step further and show you how to use this to increase your chances of enchanting gear.

    The first method works if you haven’t prioritized Affixes yet. Like I said before, when you re-scroll, the algorithm will enforce priority Affixes in this case.

    For example, your Rogue has a ring with Critical Strike damage, Vulnerable damage, and Poison damage. But none of these Affixes are priority. Since there can only be one priority Affixes on the ring, this means you have a 100% chance of getting a critical chance instead of Imbued skill damage. The latter has only a 4% chance.

    The second way to increase your odds is to select as many stats as you want. Here we have a Druid with Two-Handed Maces, Overpower damage, Critical Strike damage, Vulnerable damage, and all stats with Werebear skills.

    If we want to re-roll all stats. Ideally, his core would be damaged, but that’s only a 5.8% chance. You can get stuck thinking it has to be the exact stat you want. But in this case, Overpower damage and Critical Strike damage on Earth skill are almost as good as the core damage on my Pulverize Werebear.

    That’s all there is to it. Remember, don’t get distracted by Affixes on top of items, as well as any Legendary Aspects. Because we cannot re-roll them. Hope this guide helps you with everything you need to enchant gear like a pro!

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