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News Tag: beat final bosses

  • How to Beat Final Bosses in the fattest way in Elden Ring? - 2022 Latest Guides

    Posted: Sep 19, 2022

    In Elden Ring, it is very difficult to reach the last level smoothly after breaking through encirclements. And the final bosses of the last level are the most challenging enemies in the Soulslike sub-genre, so it is very difficult to defeat the final bosses. Players need to be mentally prepared for this level for it is FromSoftware's toughest encounter to date. Even veteran players got stuck here. While defeating the final bosses is no mean feat, Elden Ring offers players plenty of options, so with enough patience and preparation, there are simple strategies to overcome the final bosses and capture the Elden Throne. Next, I will introduce you to an optimal strategy for your reference.

    After you light the fire in Forge of the Giants, pass Crumbling Farum Azula and defeat Maliketh, first you must return to the destroyed capital. Because after you ignite, there will be a row of bosses between you and the Erdtree. After you have defeated Sir Gideon Ofnir and  Godfrey and the First Elden Lord, you can travel through the golden mist and fight with the final two bosses. The two bosses are Radagon of the Golden Order and Elden Beast. Elden Beast will only appear after you defeat the Radagon of the Golden Order, so you'll have to fight it longer.

    Divine Fortification is one of the best strategies for overcoming the final bosses, it is an Incantation dropped by a Teardrop Scarab in the Weeping Peninsula. After the player gets Divine Fortification, only 10 Faith and any Sacred Seal can greatly increase holy damage. The Soulslike sub-genre's main content has been Divine magic in the past. But after the Elden Ring update, holy attacks became a staple of several bosses in the game. We need to know that everything in Elden Ring is attached to some form of deity and most of deities have never seen by players. Therefore, Divine Fortification becomes one of the best strategies for players to defeat the final bosses in Elden Ring. Players only need 20 FP to get this spell. It can be cast while moving and raises holy damage negation by 35%. This way, Elden Beast's attack damage will be greatly reduced, and players will have enough time to absorb the damage against the final bosses. Players can get more holy damage negation by looking for Lord's Divine Fortification, which is an upgraded version of Divine Fortification. You need to note that holy damage negation can only be obtained from Gideon Ofnir, and it can also help you find Miqueella Haligtree.

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