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News Tag: WotLK Classic

  • WotLK Classic: How To Effectively Level Up And Reach Level Cap Quickly

    Posted: Feb 22, 2023

    If you want to know what all the fuss is about World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic, then please pay attention to the next content. Although this version is more streamlined than the previous classic expansions, leveling is not just a simple thing to walk in the park. When you are leveling, you will feel that your wisdom is tested, you will feel sad, and even consider giving up or learning an "simpler" class.

    You need to spend an average of 150-200 hours to complete the journey from 1 to 80. The major challenge is 70-80, which requires you to spend 20-40 hours. When exploring all new areas of Northrend, we may often be distracted and then fall into a dead cycle that looks difficult to escape. But please don't be afraid! You can use WOTLK Classic Gold to help you enhance your equipment and strength for the various difficulties you may encounter later. And we have experienced this journey, so we will provide you with some tricks and tips, so that you have a pleasant game journey.

    The Way To Gain Experience

    In WotLK Classic, there are several ways to gain experience. The following methods are used more. They include questing, grinding, dungeons, and even battlefields. However, the best way is dungeons and questing. Next, let me introduce them for you:

    1. Questing

    If you are more interested in single experience, the best choice for you is questing. Because you choose it, you only need to rely on yourself to complete most quests. Please remember this: here, some classes will have advantage. If you have self -healing ability or you can use pets, it is even better. Sometimes you may find that you will encounter some obstacles, so at this time you need passers -by or friends to provide you with some help.

    Please don't take picking a single quests as the focus, but focusing on finding quest hubs so that you can help you save time between task pick-ups and turn-ins. In addition, this can also greatly reduce your travel time and allow you complete as many quests as possible.

    There is also a factor that you need to consider, that is, when you team with other players, all your experience will be allocated according to the number of players in your team. Therefore, before you form a team with other players, you must ensure that the experience you lose can make the clearance speed to make up.

    2. Dungeons

    If you want to reach the level cap as fast as possible, so far, grinding through the dungeon is the fastest way. You can start as early as level 10, by running Wailing Caverns, RageFire Chasm, and even The Deadmines. However, for most people at this level, this will constitute a challenge. So, if you want to spend this difficult encounter, then you need very good equipment and teammates to help you.

    3. Best Choice

    You can freely choose between the questing and dungeons, and only choose one of them to level up. However, according to our experience, it is best to combine the two. The so-called questing allows you to have a better experience in this world and let you immerse yourself in it. In addition, when you are setting up a dungeon team, it is also a good way to gain experience. And dungeons will allow you to add some additional experience, let you come to the very cool new area, or upgrade some of your old equipment.

  • WotLK Classic: Botters Choose Death Knights To Farm Gold Quickly

    Posted: Feb 20, 2023

    Over the past few days, the player who love WoW like you and Youtuber Metagoblin has noticed one thing. That is in the Maraudon dungeon, there are tons of paladins and Death Knights cavorting on the WotLK Classic servers, and the amount is amazing. However, there are more of them in Botanica of Outland. In the related video of Metagoblin, we can draw such a conclusion based on what he said. That is, if you can show a lot of goodwill, then you can assume such a situation: someone not only enjoys playing Death Knight very much, but also enjoys visiting Botanica or Maraudon, because doing so can improve the efficiency of grinding experience in The Blood Furnace.

    But if we don't want you to believe that, let's assume another, and it's pretty obvious: they're an army of bots that will keep grinding gold until the grass grows no more in Azeroth. And, farm automatons seem to have a new favourite, the Outland dungeon Botanica. On one of the biggest Classic servers, Metagoblin went into Botany and found a lot of Death Knights cavorting there. One more thing to tell you is that they are also in the level 70 to 80 battleground bracket.

    With what's going on in the above article, Metagoblin has a question why there is still an apparent bot problem in WoW and WoLK Classic, or if it's getting worse. Actually, if you are a player in WotLK Classic, it will be easier to get Coins. However, you don't necessarily have to rely on getting gold through dark channels. So why should bot army farming be easier? After the release of WoW WotLK Classic, Blizzard lifted the restriction that was present in the original Wrath of the Lich King in 2008: you can only play as Death Knight if you have a character on the server that is at least level 55 .

    Currently, this rule no longer applies to Classic servers. Now, as long as you're interested in WoW and subscribe it, you can create your Death Knight and use it to fly through the area. Gold farmers have the following advantages. If you also want to improve the power of Death Knight and let him upgrade, then you can use WotLK Classic Gold to get the equipment you need or other things that can help you. Of course, if you are an ordinary player, you will also have the following advantages: Death Knight can tank and can cause medium-high damage to the enemy, and has a strong self-healing ability. Also, instead of starting at level 1, they start at level 55. Besides that, they can also get some goodies from the starting area. Therefore, for botters, choosing a Death Knight can allow them to farm gold faster and more efficiently.

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