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News Tag: WOTLK Classic Arena Season 6

  • WotLK Classic Phase 2: How Did I Upgrade From Fresh Gear To 2.1K Arena Rating?

    Posted: Feb 27, 2023

    In WotLK Classic Season 6, I wanted to finally play arenas and push myself to my limits, so I made a bet. Either I hit Duelist or I shave my beard. Therefore, I asked one of the best arena players to duo to improve my skills and my knowledge Bobka. 

    But first, I needed to get my gear maxed out, so I don't end up as a Warrior target dummy. So, the question was how much gear could I farm in two days of PVP and would it be enough to save my beard now?

    Last season, I would have gone straight to Wintergrasp and farmed honor nonstop, but season 6 is way different. Furious gear got buffed to 238 item levels, so, it makes Hateful and Deadly gear look like TBC gear.

    Vault of Archavon

    So, starting on Sunday morning, I spent an hour finding and running Vault of Archavons in both 10 and 25 man mode. I'm cautious when I join groups since I want to do both Emalon and Archavon for a chance at Deadly gear 2. If I got lucky, I'd save dozens of hours of Battlegrounds getting key Furious pieces, like gloves and legs. 

    Unfortunately, this time around all the gear was leather, so I'm sitting at zero honor and full Hateful gear with less than 47 hours to go. After Vault, I flew right through Wintergrasp to pick up the five weekly quests. I always find it worth it to get the quest myself since I don't want to miss any of them. 


    Then, it was Wintergrasp time since the Battleground is over 20,000 honor per hour making it the most efficient way to farm honor.

    I've been trying a new thing where IQ is around 22 minutes past the hour, which makes it way more likely to be an inbalanced win for the Horde. That also means I can get my quest done easily. Plus, I want those wins for Wintergrasp marks for my Platinum Disks of Battle trinket. And if I had any leftovers, I'd convert the rest into a 213 Deadly chest and then save Commendations for Epic Gems.

    After just one Wintergrasp, I had seven thousand honor plus all those Wintergrasp quests I picked up earlier. Those quests can be finished in just a few Wintergrasp matches for an extra 19,000 honor weekly and 50 Stone Keeper's Shards

    What's really nice about Stone Keeper's Shards is, they can also be converted to honor from purchasing Commendations. So, I decided to liquidate a few hundred for 12,000 bonus honor. I also took advantage of the daily PVP quest in the Random Battleground wing. I'd always thought Wintergrasp was way more efficient for Pure Honor. So, I'd been skipping other Battlegrounds and dailies.

    But with Furious gear being so good, the combined 50 Arena Points were absolutely worth it. With my 46,000 honor so far, I splurged and picked up Abyss PVP necklace for 33,000 honor, but I wanted to get big pieces quicker. There was no way I was going to be able to play with Bobka with mostly Hateful gear and one Furious piece. 

    Daily Heroic Dungeon Quest

    So, I ran the Daily Heroic Dungeon Quest and cashed out my Emblems. From last week's Ulduars I had heard before that you could purchase Deadly pieces for Emblems of Conquest, so I sniped a sweet pair of Deadly Gladiator's Mooncloth Leggings with 58 Emblems. And then over the course of Sunday and Monday, I pumped Wintergrasp every three hours and then did my daily Battlegrounds again and that brought my total to 113,000 honor. I also finally had enough Wintergrasp marks for my Platinum Disks of Battle trinket. 

    I decided to unload 43,000 Honor on a pair of Furious boots and 33,000 honor and a Furious cloak. Both of these items were gigantic 38 item level increases. With only 13 hours to go before the big arena session, I did 10 last minute fives games for Furious gear. Even with so many weak Hateful pieces, I was still able to get 1300 rating. This locked in 1200 points for the week, so I grabbed some Furious gloves for a massive upgrade. But since my rating was too low to get any other items, I converted 500 Arena Points to 10,000 quick honor via Commendations.

    And in the remaining hours before our session, I managed an additional three Wintergrasp games at 21,700 honor. Things were starting to look really good. I had farmed an amazing seven new upgrades in less than 48 hours and I still had some Hateful gear. 

    But Bobka was clearly impressed because he didn't ghost me when he saw my gear. And with all my hot new gear, we had an amazing session jumping from 1700 to 2107 rating and that put me on the fast track to Duelist. But while I was farming all those PVP items, I had to spend a ton of WOTLK Classic Gold on Enchant and gem everything. If you happen to be worried about gold, then you might as well come to this website to have a look.

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