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News Tag: StarWars the Old Republic

  • How SWTOR Galactic Season Credit Catch-Up system works?

    Posted: Jun 15, 2021

    BioWare launched the Galactic Seasons system with SWTOR Game Update 6.3. This system is designed to inspire players to play and replay content in the game on regular basis and earn complimentary rewards for their activities.

    From the moment the system launched, you have been allowed to purchase Galactic Season levels with Cartel Coins. If you had the money/coins, you could unlock the entire season’s worth of rewards right away. I calculated how much you would need in my Galactic Seasons Guide.

    What is the Credit Catch-Up system?

    The Credit Catch-Up System for SWTOR’s first Galactic Season starts on May 28th. From this day on in the next ninety-five (95) days one additional Galactic Season Level will become available for unlocking with the in-game currency – Credits. Starting May 28th, BioWare begins unlocking one Galactic Level per day.

    This system is meant to help those of you, who do not participate in the Galactic Season’s activities regularly. If you have not been doing your Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives, you may need this alternative method of gaining levels to guarantee yourself full success when the season ends.

    If you are a Subscriber, you earn Galactic Season XP much quicker than Preferred and Free-to-play. Still, the margin for inactivity during the season is not big.

    If you are just joining the farm and if you are not a Subscriber on top of that, you will most likely desperately need some form of a catch-up system.

    And let’s not forget – one of the main goals of the Credit Catch-Up system is to serve as a Credit Sink. BioWare designs systems like that from time to time in an attempt to balance out the economy in the game and to extract at least a portion of the crazy amounts of Credits generated by the players.

    How Credit Catch-Up works?

    After May 28th 2021 and in the next ninety-five consecutive days there will be one additional level available for you to catch up to with Credits.

    On Thursday, May 28th at 12:00 pm GMT Level 1 of the Galactic Season becomes available. On May 28th at noon GMT Level 2 becomes available.

    This means that if you have not been playing SWTOR and have not earned any Galactic Season XP. you will be eligible to unlock Level 1 with Credits starting May 28th.

    Here is a quick break-down of the first few levels per day to give you a better idea:

      May 28th, 12:00 pm – Level 1 becomes unlockable with Credits

      May 29th, 12:00 pm – Level 2 becomes unlockable with Credits

      May 30th, 12:00 pm – Level 3 becomes unlockable with Credits

      May 31th, 12:00 pm – Level 4 becomes unlockable with Credits

      June 1st, 12:00 pm – Level 5 becomes unlockable with Credits

      This continues until Level 95 becomes unlockable. 

    The rest of the Levels up to 100 you will have to earn on your own if you want the rewards.

    How much does Credit Catch-Up cost?

    The cost of each Galactic Level works in a similar way as with the Cartel Coins. The amount stacks and multiplies against a base cost. The base Credit cost is 175,000 Credits. Unlike the Jump Ahead cost, however, the cost of each additional Credit Catch-Up grows at an exponential rate.

    Below is a list of the first ten Galactic System Levels you can unlock:

    Catch-Up #1 = 175,000

    Catch-Up #2 = 494,974

    Catch-Up #3 = 909,326

    Catch-Up #4 = 1,400,000

    Catch-Up #5 = 1,956,559

    Catch-Up #6 = 2,571,964

    Catch-Up #7 = 3,241,045

    Catch-Up #8 = 3,959,798

    Catch-Up #9 = 4,725,000

    Catch-Up #10 = 5,533,986

    Note that these are not Galactic System Levels from 1 to 10. These are any first ten levels you use credits to catch-up to during the course of the season.

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