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News Tag: Skull and Bones Ship Build

  • Skull And Bones: A Detailed Guide To The Endgame Ship Loadout - Weapons, Furniture & More

    Posted: Feb 23, 2024

    Hello, gamers! Let's talk about the ship loadout that I'll be using in the endgame of Skull and Bones, which is considered the best overall. Everything about ships, weapons, armor, furniture, and consumables will be included in this complete guide. If you're new to ship build, you won't want to miss this!

    Endgame Ships Overview

    At present, Skull and Bones features a total of 10 ships, with additional ones slated for inclusion in future seasonal updates. Among these, the initial 6 are designated as starter leveling ships, rendering them unsuitable for endgame.

    So we're presented with 4 medium rank 5 ships to consider. However, 2 of these rank 5 vessels possess merely 3 broadside gunports and 4 furniture slots. Consequently, unless the foundational statistics and inherent ship perks hold significant importance to you, these ships are notably disadvantaged compared to their counterparts.


    The Padewakang is an explosive DPS ship that is slow, only has 4 furniture slots and 3 broadside gunports. This one was worth using during the story, but unless they add content where structural DPS truly matters, this one can stay in the dock once you’re in the endgame.


    The Vanguard Snow is a tanky ship that is the slowest endgame ship at the moment. It also only has 4 furniture slots and 3 broadside gunports. I know some people like this one due to how much brace it has, but a lack of speed and damage output will only slow down your gameplay in endgame.


    The Sambuk is a fire DPS ship that is slow, but thankfully has 5 furniture slots and 4 broadside gunports. From a pure DPS perspective, this should be the meta choice in an endgame scenario where we need to burn down lots of AI ships. PVE always comes down to DPS and it’ll be no different once we see some more serious endgame PVE content.


    The Brigantine is the fastest ship in the game, while also having 5 furniture slots and 4 broadside gunports. It might not have the fire damage scaling of the Sambuk, but that’s fine because the majority of endgame now is dictated by how much we have to sail around.

    In combat, having speed while being chased means you can effectively outrange your enemy, reducing the damage you take while simultaneously being able to DPS them back as they sail into your shots. From this, I consider the Brigantine to be the best endgame ship overall.


    Now let’s talk about the weapons in Skull and Bones. The weapons I use and recommend are Fire Bombard 3 in all 4 directions. They have incredible DPS, great AOE, decent range, can set enemy ships on fire, and are super easy to use. The Blue Specter are better against buildings' weak points and technically even armored enemies because of bonus Piercing damage. While the burst is nice, if you miss your lineup, there’s a lot of missed DPS, so they’re less forgiving. They also don’t set enemy ships on fire, so you can’t consistently leverage any fire-related synergies with furniture or ship bonuses.

    With all 4 cannon slots taken care of, let’s move on to the auxiliary slot. Mortar range and burst is incredible when it hits, and the targeting plays a lot better. Use a regular mortar until you can afford a Leopold 3 mortar. This one should be better for ships because of the flooding damage.


    For armor, I think the choices are very limited. We basically want whatever gives us the highest armor rating and decent mitigation to common damage types.

    You can use the Royal Custodian that drops from the Colonial Shipment world event that starts in the Red Aisle. This is surprisingly easy to get, so it’s an excellent starting point.

    Then, you can use the Black Prince from the Black Market. It’s purchased with Sovereigns that are earned from just playing a lot in the endgame. When Season 1 drops, then farming for Ouroboros is a must, as the effects on here stand out as absolutely best in slot.


    Moving on to furniture, I prioritize anything that boosts DPS, starting off with the most impactful. I use the Megaphone for major furniture. You can only equip one purple furniture on your ship, and this one makes reloading a lot faster in combat. Reload speed for cannon fire is basically a fire rate DPS boost.

    If you want to remember what side is port and starboard on a ship, just think about how long the words are. So I take Starboard Powder Kegs I for 10% more damage with my right-side cannons and Port Powder Kegs I for 10% more damage with my left-side cannons. I believe these 2 furniture items are currently best in slot, with how much more output your broadsides have because of the number of gunports.

    Then I use Front Powder Kegs I for 10% more damage with my front weapons. This is the one you can drop and swap out to anything else you prefer, like ramming damage, something else for utility, or furniture they add in future seasons.

    And in my last slot, I use the Gunpowder Bench I for 10% more damage to enemy ships that are on fire. This one will help scale all our output because we use Fire Bombards, which will keep these weapons more competitive ship combat over most other combinations.


    Now let’s take a look at the cooked food buffs. I usually use Sate Kambing when I’m just sailing around collecting Skull and Bones Silver. The perks for reduced stamina consumption and stamina regen are what I value most about this one.

    The other good one is Godrogodro. You can buy out all the flour you need at pretty much every vendor. This one has slightly less stamina regen, but the 10% repair kit perk is actually incredible for sustenance.

    As for stamina food, I just use whatever Grilled Food I have a lot of since I use stamina buff food. The basic 40% stamina foods are good enough to keep us sailing at max speed. And if we really wanted to min-max our consumable, then we should have Water Barrels. These boost our top speed by 15% for 20 seconds. However, these are annoying to stock up on, so you probably want to save these entirely for PVP.

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