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News Tag: SOD Void Touched Armaments

  • WoW Classic SOD: How To Do The Void-Touched Armaments Full Quest Chain?

    Posted: Dec 12, 2023

    Let’s explore the complete Void-Touched Armaments quest chain in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, and learning the step-by-step process to achieve success. If you have sufficient SOD Gold to assist you in completing the task, then it couldn’t be better.

    The first thing we’re going to need to do is find the Dead Twilight Cultist. Now, his body is going to be in the western part of Ashenvale, right there on my little marker. You’ll find his body.

    Now, we need two things in order to get the correct response from him. The first thing is we need an Elixir of Coalesced Regret. You can buy that at an auction house; it’s about four gold, three silver on a Crusader Strike server, Alliance side. And you’re going to need at least 100 in your profession. In my case, that’s Leatherworking, but for Blacksmithing and Tailoring, you need at least 100 skill. So, we’re going to drink the Elixir of Coalesced Regret and then talk to him.

    Now he’s going to give us a ton of dialogue: “As to approach, I help you slow down, go on, so what happened next?” And then we’re going to go through all of this dialogue until we reach the “voice in your mind trails off and is gone. You are alone once again.” And we’re going to click on “goodbye.” Now, you’ll notice nothing happened; we didn’t get a quest or anything like that. Kind of underwhelming, but it’s done. So now we can go to the next part, which is actually going to take us into BFD.

    Now, here we are on the Altar where you’ll find the big Turtle Shell Boss. There will be this corpse right here, this is Old Skunk. Once you’ve done the previous part, going up and interacting—closer, we start yet another bit of dialogue. Once you’re done with the dialogue, you’ll get a Handful of Shifting Scales. Now we can go on to the next part.

    Next, we’ve got to travel to the Ratchet Inn. So you can see me right there in Ratchet to find N’ora Anyheart. Now, there are a few prerequisites we have to have in our bag. Of course, one of them is the Handful of Shifting Scales, but we also need to have 40 Strange Dust, 5 Greater Magic Essence, 2 Small Glimmering Shards, and 5 Raw Gold. Once you have this, you’ll be able to talk to her. So, we’ll go through the dialogue right here, and she will give you a quest.

    Now, this quest will actually reward you with a Trinket. It’s 5 Spirit, and it protects you from the effects of Crushing Darkness. That’s the important thing. Let’s accept that. Since we have everything in our bag already, we’ll continue, complete,and we will have a nifty new trinket.

    For the next part, we are back inside the BFD. Now, this is the Temple of Kelris. I believe he’s the sixth boss in BFD. So, you’ll either have to clear up to him or, if you’re a class that has stealth (luckily I’m a rogue), you can just make your way back in here. The walk is pretty long in stealth, maybe not if you’re a Druid, but if you’re a Rogue, it’s a long walk. Under the Temple of Kelris, you’re going to find the old boss chamber here, the Forgotten Pool. And as long as you have the scale equipped, the Shifting Scale Talisman, you will not get injured when you travel deep into it. So, let’s make sure we have our breath and swim down for it. As we start to get lower, we can see that there is The Artisan’s chest. We can go ahead and loot that, and we’ll get this item, the box.

    For the next part, we’re going to have to travel to Hillsbrad Foothills. Now, for the Alliance, you’re going to want to find Ardelle Dralta. She’s in Southshore, right around 51.58, inside the Inn. Now, if you’re Horde, you’re going to have to find an NPC named Brave Stonefort. He is also in Hillsbrad Foothills, but he’s Dire Maul North, right here by the river. Both NPCs, when you open dialogue with them, will let you know that they saw an enormous light-wreathed stone that seemed to have fallen from the sky. That’s where we got to go next; we got to go find The Shard.

    The last part is going to be finding The Shard of Light in Hillsbrad Foothills, right about here. Show you on the map. Right about here, you start a path up to Ravenholdt, and then the path just goes around. So, you go around behind to the right of the Ravenholdt Castle. There’s a little walkway right here. You’ll go around the side of the mountain, which is right back there, and come up to The Shard of Light. Once you’re in front of The Shard, just click on the box to destroy it, and it will spawn the shadowy figure NPC.

    Now pay attention here because we’re going to go through the dialogue until there are two different options at the end. We want to make sure we choose the option that says “Fine, show me.” If we choose “I want nothing,” we’ll get just that, and we will lose out. You’ll see we’ve now learned four different recipes; the pattern is automatically going to show up in your professions. Now, there is a prerequisite.

    You do get one Shard of the Void just by completing this, but each class will have a different prerequisite item. Mine being the Toughened Leather Gloves, and that’s it. Now you can craft your Void-Touched Armaments.

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