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News Tag: SOD Phase 2 Pre Raid BIS Gear Guide

  • WOW Classic SOD: How To Easily Obtain Pre-Raid BIS Chest Pieces For DPS Classes In Phase 2?

    Posted: Feb 19, 2024

    The topic we're discussing is how to acquire the pre-raid best-in-slot chest pieces for every melee DPS class in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. So, next is a guide on how you can obtain one of these coveted chest pieces through a quest.

    Quests For Alliance & Horde

    For this quest, you will need to first head to the Badlands. No matter which faction you are, Alliance players will need to complete the 'Tremors of the Earth' quest, and Horde players will need to complete the 'Broken Alliances' quest. Both quests yield the same rewards - Blazewind Breastplate and Warforged Chestplate. In order for you to complete these quests more smoothly, it is not a bad thing to prepare enough SOD Gold.

    Sign Of The Earth

    For Alliance players, there is a prerequisite where you must complete the 'Mirages' quest. This quest starts with Sigrin Ironhew at the camp on top of the hill. The Mirages prerequisite is straightforward. You start at the camp, head to a location with some Ogres and Camp Kosh, grab a supply crate, and bring it back.

    Once you’ve completed Mirages, head south to speak to a Blood Elf named Garrick. Garrick will ask you to retrieve the 'Sign of the Earth' from an ogre named Boss Tho'grun. TheBoss Tho'grun is very close to Garrick, just southwest of his camp. He patrols clockwise in a huge radius across the entire map and can also spawn in the southwest corner of the map. Fight and kill Boss Tho'grun, and pick up the 'Sign of the Earth'.

    For Horde players, there’s no prerequisite. You should be able to accept your quest in Kargath. Now, you need to kill Boss Tho'grun, hunt him down, kill him, and collect your 'Sign of the Earth'.

    Boss Fight

    Now, onto the last part of the quest. One person will need to collect 3 items from towers spread across Lethlor Ravine. These items are used to summon the upcoming fight, but only one player needs to collect them. First, head to the Pillar of Opal and interact with it. Next, head to the Pillar of Amethyst and grab that one. Finally, head to the Pillar of Diamond and grab your last item. Once you have all 3 gems, you can now summon the two dragons.

    But these dragons are Level 50 elites, so be prepared to kite them as they hit really hard and cannot be tanked easily. The strategy is to have a hunter kite them. You need the Hunter to kite them because they can’t be slowed. Other classes like rogues cannot kite, as their move speed is 120% while hunters can move at 130% with Aspect of the Cheetah. Have your hunter kite the dragon around, passing aggro if possible. In the event you have multiple hunters, just keep doing this, running around in circles until you defeat them.

    This is obviously a lot easier the more people you have. So, having several players to help out or joining another group if they’re working on it as well will make everybody’s life a lot easier. But it is possible to do without a large number of players. If you don’t have a large group as an Alliance player, you can kite the dragon to Lock Modan and get some help from the guards. The biggest benefit here isn’t actually the DPS from the guards, but it’s actually kiting out of Badlands and into Loch Modan where you’re in a zone with far less dangerous mobs that are much less likely to daze you when you’re in Aspect of the Cheetah.

    Final Thought

    This chest piece is going to be precious for every single physical DPS class, whether you’re a Retribution Paladin, a Warrior, a Rogue, or a Hunter. Every single player wants to grab this, probably great for Feral Druids too. This is just such a huge upgrade. You definitely want to grab this if you can and really just go get it. It’s a huge upgrade for everyone.

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