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News Tag: SOD AOE Farming

  • WOW Classic SOD: How To Build Best Mage AOE Farming?

    Posted: Dec 06, 2023

    Now it's not the same old Blizzard AOE farming like we have used to being a Frost Mage. This is going to be with the new runes from Season of Discovery and we're going to be setting this up for the level 25 cap. It's actually pretty crazy what this build can do. You do need the right runes and build the talent build to actually pull this off and do it efficiently. So we're actually going to be Arcane Majors. Now the main reason that we're going for this is because we're going to be using Arcane Explosion and we also want to have clear cast, cause this is going to help us have enough mana to actually be able to do this.

    For the runes, I recommend on the gloves having living bomb. It's basically a dot that after 12 seconds, it explodes and does AOE damage and then for the legs having living flame. This is another AOE ability. It basically has a trail of fire behind the target and then also the new healing rune which is regeneration. When you use this it's going to put Temporal Beacon on you and every time that you do Arcane damage, It's going to heal you back 50%, which is a lot. Now it's 80% on other people but on yourself it is 50%.

    So what you want to start off doing is doing a regeneration. So you can proc your Temporal Beacon. So this means every single time you use an Arcane ability. It's going to heal you back once that is up you want to apply living bomb to the mobs at least three preferably all of them and then you want to use living flame. What is going to do is put big AOE damage on all the mobs and then with the rest of the time you wanted to spam Arcane explosion to finish off the mobs. As you can see it does a lot of damage and you can pretty much do massive pulls. Because while you're spamming your Arcane exp explosion, it's going to be healing you back.

    Your living flame is also going to be healing you back because they both use Arcane damage. That is how you're going to be able to basically face tank any single AOE mob that you're going to be pulling and you basically out heal the damage that they're going to do on you. So it's a really good way to do this. It's a lot quicker than the old Blizzard AOE build method because your basically doing a lot more damage the living bomb when it explodes does really good.

    AOE damage and also your living flame does a lot of damage also and obviously the Arcane Explosion. It's all going to add up burning down big amounts of mobs very quickly. Now I expect this to be the best way to AOE Farm in Season of Discovery. So when you're level 25, you definitely want to be using this back to farm-the max amount of WoW Classic SOD Gold per hour that you can at level 25.

    If you're considering making gold in Season of Discovery, I would highly recommend leveling up a mage and using this AOE build. Because it's extremely good and you're going to be able to farm the most amount of mobs out of any other class in the game. Maybe paladins have a little technique that they can do also with the new runes. But overall this is definitely going to be the best way to do this and as you can see I only have two points into clear casting and it actually procs a decent amount of time once you have that fully maxed out with five points in it. You're going to be getting a lot of clear cast and basically what that does is whenever you use your next spell. It's going to be free so it doesn't cost any mana what so ever.

    One other thing that I should mention is that you want to make sure that you use your buff and then you go straight into the killing phase because it only lasts for 30 seconds and if it drops you won't get any heals from Arcane Explosion.

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