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News Tag: POE 3 24 Mageblood Farming

  • Path Of Exile 3.24: How To Harvest The Mageblood Using The New Ritual Scarabs? - A Quick Guide

    Posted: Apr 16, 2024

    Hi, players! In this guide, I'll demonstrate how to acquire the Mageblood from the Ritual and provide you with the steps to attempt it yourself. The Ritual has become the main source of income for this new Necropolis League in the Path of Exile 3.24, allowing me to get or craft most of the gear I have so far. Without wasting time, let's dive in!

    Types Of Ritual Scarabs

    As for the types of Ritual Scarabs, this includes having the Ritual on the Atlas Tree, as well as using the new the Ritual Scarabs introduced in POE 3.24. Typically, I use 2 of the Ritual Scarabs of Abundance.

    The 2 remaining slots can be used for either the Ritual Scarabs of Selectiveness or the Ritual Scarab of Recognition for more Tribute if your map has unique enemies such as Rogue Exiles, or simply just Blood-filled Vessels for more mobs, a faster spawn rate, and much more Tribute.

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    Atlas Tree Setup

    On the Atlas Tree, we can now temporarily spec into Immutable Dogma. This no longer lets us roll but grants 100% more Tribute, allowing us to get the expensive Mageblood outright without having to keep deferring over time. It'll need 1 or 2 Divine Orbs to get it to 4 flasks, but other than that, it's great!

    However, there are a few Atlas Map nodes which are super important for the Ritual:

    • Voll's Devotion: This ensures that you get four the Ritual Altars each map for more Tribute.
    • Ritual Special Reward Chance: These give us a better chance at the Rituals with either Uniques, currency, or divination card rewards.
    • Profitable Prayers: To allow re-rolling 2 additional times.
    • Sacred Lands & Smaller Ritual Special Reward Chance: With these, we can guarantee the Ritual in every map without a vessel or the map device craft.

    How To Get Ritual Scarabs?

    There is no guarantee with the Ritual, as typically a lot will revolve around luck, but you can still find a lot of valuable items if you know what you're looking for. In this instance, the Mageblood came from an Apocalyptic Ritual in a map, one of the higher tier types which only offers all Uniques, all currency, or all divination cards.

    Combined with 2 of the Abundant Scarabs and some luck, we managed to hit it. It's likely you won't be able to get it outright because of the Tribute cost, but as long as you can defer the item, it'll be secured for a future map and we can buy it later. This is now essentially locked in, and we can go and retrieve it on the next map.

    Ritual Special Rewards

    So, how do we know when we find one of the rarer the Rituals? They typically have a different POE 3.24 model. All the Altars which are surrounded by a fence like the Sanguin Altar will have the rarer special rewards table. The same again here for the Volatile Altar.

    They will also have typically more difficult modifiers to justify the increased rewards. The rarer Altar on the left and the more common on the right. Both can provide good loot. Just the special loot tables will always offer Uniques, divination cards, or even currency.


    Ritual is super low investment cost with only vessels or scarabs, otherwise we can now get 100% chance for Ritual Altars on the Atlas Tree. A lot of luck is involved, but you have the chance to get some real valuable items if you know what you're looking for.

    After you have your Atlas Tree set up, it's just a case of running as many maps as you can, taking the valuable rewards, and hoping you get lucky. Hope you get lucky with the Ritual, and I'll see you in the next one, Exiles!

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