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News Tag: New World Sandstone Blocks

  • How To Farm New World Coins In Brimstone Sands Mining Sandstone Blocks

    Posted: Jan 16, 2023

    In this article, we're going to be looking at another way to farm tons of New World Coins in New World and that's by farming Sandstone.  

    Since Brimstone Sands was released, a lot of the resources in that region are very valuable and that includes Sandstone Blocks. In this article, I'm going to be showing you the route I take to get as much Sandstone as I need.

    First, you should check on your Trading Post. This resource is in fact valuable on your server since that will affect how much profit you make on my server it's worth 8 gold each. So, anything around there will lead to good New World Coins. Each run of this route takes roughly 18 minutes and I can gather 80 to 100 Sandstone Blocks, usually netting me between 700 and 1000 gold. So, you could be making up to 3 000 gold per hour with this method, maybe even more if you wish to sell via sell orders or if it's worth more on your server.

    It's worth mentioning that because this is in Brimstone Sands, which is an endgame area and there's a Fuel Level 61 mobs, who might attack you while on this route. You do need to have a relatively high level and have decent enough gear. But, it's not that difficult. You'll also need 105 Mining to be able to mine these Sandstones and 130 is a plus. So, you can keep track of them on the mini-map, if you're struggling to find any of the spots.

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    Now, let's go over the route. I like to start by teleporting into the top right Fast Travel point. From there, I make my way to the first spot on the route. Then, I head a bit South and mine those two stones before heading up to the next one. From here it's pretty easy. I just follow down the outskirts of the map until I gathered up all the resources. Once you reach the bottom, you have to slightly head north and grab the Blocks up there. But then, you'll go back down and end up back on the outskirts of the map and you're just going to want to keep following around the map grabbing each Block until you find yourself with the last one from here. You can head back over and redo the route over and over until you have as much as you need.

    It's worth noting that it takes about 20 minutes for a node to respawn. So, if you had a really fast run you might have to wait a couple minutes for the respawns before you can start again, which is why I usually gather other resources along the way like Cactus and other loot containers. Along this route, if you're struggling to find a certain Sandstone Block, just skip it and head to the next one. Sometimes, they have been mined already and it's not worth spending time looking for, because there's always another one around the corner. What makes this area so nice is that between the spots, there's lots of open areas. So, a lot of the time, I just put a waypoint and auto run to the next spot while doing other things.

    So, it's a very stress-free money maker. Now if you're looking to maximize profits you can grab a music buff during increase yields by someone in one of the main towns or if you're high enough level you can just do it that way along with that best in slot. If you think this method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, you might as well get some New World Coins directly from this website.

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