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News Tag: New World Mithril Farming

  • New World: How To Farm Mithril In Rise Of The Angry Earth? - Locations, Routes & Essential Tips

    Posted: Oct 13, 2023

    The new expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, brings new materials together, and Mithril is one of them. If you want to get more New World Coins, then farming Mithril is your good choice.

    So, here, I will show you the best farming spots for Mithril in this short guide. Also, I will give you some general tips on making your run more successful.

    Requirements & Tips

    You can start mining Mithril. When you reach mining skill 205, you can recognize it by its purple glow.

    If we look at the New World’s map, Mithril is everywhere around Etherium and nowhere at the same time so that you won’t go farming and chase only the rarest metals. Try and optimize your run for all of the valuable materials.

    I have made a few forming root ideas that will have not only Mithril but also aura, calcum or any other valuable material.

    Brimstone Sands Route

    Let us begin with the 1st and most dense location.

    Brimstone Sands has the most Mithril accessible to a solo player. Your run starts at the shrine near the sulfur pools. You can open an elite chest before you start your run.

    But if you are not interested, you can first mine all Orichalcum Veins and Corrupted Camp. Then, I would go to the next one and start my Mithril run afterward. Or just skip this part and head straight to the good part.

    First, I would collect all of the veins below around the pyramid and then go up top. To the point of interest, after all of the nodes are cleared, you can hop on your trusty mount and ride east. Mithril will be on the Rocky Hill.

    After that, you can go to the scorpion boss cave. The Cave is empty at a game in Daylight Time so you can get them without a need of dealing with this boss. You can skip this part as well and go down the rocks and then clear the desert as well.

    After you finish, you can go to the settlement to finish your round. If I were you, I would find Sandstones as well as they are precious and will make your run. They are quite profitable and can help you earn a lot of New World Coins.

    Reekwater Adventure

    The second location is a classic, Reekwater.

    Mostly, this run is similar to the popular Orichalcum farm location. You start your run at the top shrine and go to the location down South. While on the way, you can just stop by and grab all the trees and fibers.

    When you arrive there, you start on rocks and follow them while mining every Orichalcum Vein you can see. There will be a few Mithril Veins as well.

    After all are collected, just go around the rocks to grab the purple shining rocks on the other side. If you take it slow or get something else around you, you can catch them at respawn time, which is about 10 to 15 minutes.

    Elysian Wilds Expedition

    The third location is a new zone, the Elysian Wilds.

    Mithril Veins are only at elite zones, such as the Isle of Servin and Dredge Landing. While there are many OR Veins there, you also get other materials.

    However, these two elite zones are very popular points of interest as well, as Mithril is very valuable and you can have a hard time finding them there.

    Edengrove Journey

    The fourth location is Edengrove.

    It has quite a good run with a combination of Orichalcum and Mithril. Or you start your run at the Eastbourne settlement and follow a path North until you reach your first Orichalcum Vein.

    Just follow the rocky edge of the Cliff until you reach the end of the Orichalcum Ore, then just jump down to a small Mithril group.

    Afterward, go East to get the rest of your veins and finish your run at the shrine nearby.

    Cutlass Keys Exploration

    The 5th and final location that I will cover is Cutlass Keys.

    This one is the same as the Runewood route. However, you can mine Mithril Ore as well.

    So, you start at the shrine near the Barnacles and Black Powder expedition and go to the small island where you grab all of the materials.

    After you get them, go north to almost the middle of the area to grab Wyrdwood and Runewood trees. Then, your path should lead you around the island along its beaches collecting all of the valuable trees, Fibers, and Mithril Ore.

    After you make the whole circle, you can finish at the top shrine and head home or repeat the run again.


    The Mithril Veins are very sparse and are hard to come by, so trying to gather other materials as well might give you a feeling of a more satisfying run.

    Try to optimize your gathering efficiency with two methods.

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