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News Tag: New World 5 0 1 Patch Notes

  • New World Season 5: In-Depth Explanation On The Latest 5.0.1 Update - My Personal Analysis

    Posted: Apr 17, 2024

    Now that New World Season 5 has released the highly anticipated 5.0.1 update, it's time to delve deep into the patch notes and explore the myriad of changes and additions it brings to the game. Let's dissect each aspect of this update to gain a comprehensive understanding of how it affects the New World experience.

    In the general release notes, several fixes have been implemented. One addresses an issue where patch deltas could occasionally be larger than necessary, leading to extended client download times. This was a problem I personally encountered, but from now on, patches should be more reasonably sized for download.

    Additionally, a common game crash that emerged with the initial release of New World Season 5 has been resolved, along with a prevalent server crash. In order to enjoy a smoother gaming experience, we can prepare some New World Coins in advance before the game starts.

    In-Game Experiences

    In terms of in-game experiences, a fix has been applied for a situation where players could become stuck in a falling state. Another issue, where player characters would cease animating when falling off ledges or in the midst of upper body animations like spell-casting, has been rectified. Furthermore, a rare problem preventing runes from appearing in the Winter Forge Rune puzzle has been addressed.

    Slayer Script

    In terms of combat, significant updates have been made to the Slayer Script. This overhaul transitions the combat and background system to native C++, facilitating easier debugging. Regarding the Slayer script adjustments, various exploits have been addressed.

    For the Spear weapon, an exploit requiring weapon swapping and dropping to gain additional damage has been rectified. Similarly, several exploits related to the bow weapon, which involved third-party software or action canceling to boost damage, have been fixed. Another exploit involving character movement velocity during certain ranged attacks, allowing players to reposition at a higher speed while crouching, has been resolved.

    For the issues causing delays in casting abilities, like the Ice Storm Mastery of Ice Gauntlet, and the Berserking Purge ability of hatchet failing to cleanse crowd control effects have been corrected. Problems with the Sword and Shield weapons allowing unchanged heavy attacks as the third action in the list of Trinket Chains has been addressed.

    Furthermore, fixes have been implemented for the Heartrune of Stoneform's explosion at the end of its ability duration and for the accuracy of non-hit scan weapons' projectiles, ensuring they follow expected trajectories indicated by aiming crosshairs.

    Artifact Changes

    Here are some changes related to artifacts in the 5.0.1 patch note:

    • They addressed an issue with the Tempest Fury artifact, ensuring that it consistently provides extra spins while attacking.
    • Another issue fixed was with the Lifetaker artifact, resolving an error related to the type of damage it dealt, making it valid and functional.

    Other Fixes

    There are also some fixes for the economy, progression, and gear in the New World 5.0.1 patch note. Crafting Recipes that previously failed to produce the intended item, such as research projects or camp skins, have been rectified.

    In addition to this, Diamond Gypsum, which became unattainable because of a previous issue, can now be obtained again. It is available in ritual pouches acquired by closing major corruption breaches across the open world. These ritual pouches provide various alchemic crafting materials, potions, some coin, and a single Diamond Gypsum, with a daily limit of 3.

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