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News Tag: Honkai Star Rail 1 2 Blade

  • Honkai Star Rail 1.2: What Do You Think Of Blade As Your DPS?

    Posted: Jul 22, 2023

    I've seen a lot of Doom posts in regarding Blade's numbers. Let's throw water on that fire, we don't Doom poster, we do need to be conscious not to make a common mistake though and that mistake is going into Blade's Banner with the idea in man but he's going to be a DPS carry. At least not with a current lineup of characters, he's not designed to be. 


    Let's look at these Characters. If you are interested in the following Characters, you can also look them up in Honkai Star Rail Account.

    Hunt Characters deal big damage to a single enemy in Honkai Star Rail. Her addition characters deal big damage too, but it's shared across multiple enemies. 

    Destruction Characters sit in the middle doing a little bit of both, being able to hit multiple enemies at the same time, helps with Mobs and shields in endgame content like memory of chaos. Typically you'll chop and change your team depending what you're up against, you'll pick a main damage dealer a character Tsuki team alive, and then you have two flex slots. 

    In most cases obser now, we've filled those flex slots with an Air Edition unit, Harmony unit or Nihility unit. Destruction is a flex Class 2 as of right now, that's not to say with high investment, you can't build Destruction units is your main carry. But is not as common, Blade for the majority of free to plays at least, is gonna go into a flag slot, is not going to be a main DPS in Honkai Star Rail. 

    Theoretical Comparison

    Hunt Characters will be a big damaged single Target DPS, who burns through your skill points. Blade deals less damage given the fact he's a flex units, but he has the added value of hitting multiple enemies, and only using one skill point every three turns, because his damage is lower than sealers. 

    Doom posters have been shutting the bed over how he's a bad unit, because of it so let's look at why the villainevity of Honkai Star Rail. He can't deal as much damage as sealer, if his damage was equal to hers, you'd expect the Quantum Destruction unit, whoever that may be and whenever they might come out. 

    To be on par with this theoretical Blade, but now let's remove Blade from this table and compare sealer to the theoretical Quantum Destruction unit. Why would your pull sealer when the destruction units has equal damage, and the benefit of AOE application, and uses way less skill points giving you more flexibility to run skill point hungry flexes, or just straight up another DPS carry

    How pissed would you be as a sealer habit, if he just power grabbed her, like that how hesitant would you beautiful for future units, if there's always that danger Lumin that they can introduce another phase of power creep. 

    I don't know if any of you played Honkai, I did for a year or two broke assume at level 80. Had a lot of fun despite his flaws in the end though, power group is what made me drop the game you pull a strong DPS unit, go for the weapon and mystic Mata, which is like relics but gotcha. 

    Then you go for the best supports their weapons and their Stigmata, and once you've built them all, you have a strong team for that element, but there are four elements. So you get to work on the others, start pulling more characters, more weapons, more Stigmata, and once you're nearly done building your team via second element, DPS from your first team gets power crap before you can even get started on your third element. You don't want this in Honkai Star Rail, you already know how long it takes to farm for characters. If a new unit comes out and does the same thing, plus mob and your farming was for nothing.

    Blade As Your DPS 

    Blade is not designed to be a main DPS in Honkai Star Rail. That doesn't mean he's bad in his intended role though, I have a video out talking about team C userman. So check that out if you haven't already, and just because he's not designed to be a main DPS, doesn't mean you can't use him as one. We just don't have many characters in the game right now that can support him as one, at least not optimally, you can use Asta for Speed, but you can't make the most out of the attack buff, you could run Yukong but she's designed for teams with more than one damage dealer

    Also if she inflicts weakness breaks, she imprisons the enemy, preventing them from attacking Blade, and in doing so stops him from getting stacks for his follow-up attacks, and makes him more awkward to trigger Longeva's disciple four piece, you could use Bronya, but not everyone has her. 

    YanQing can help charge his burst up which means you can run a HP rope on Blade for more damage, but you can't make optimal use of her attack buff. If you have Silver Wolf, you can run her with paler but when you're lacking a buffer. So what do we need to make Blade better as our main DPS, well firstly we need someone who can buff HP, people have speculated that the 1.3 healer Lynx might be able to do that, but nothing's confirmed. 

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    If these speculations are true, or characters that do these things get released in the future, there must stunks for Blade viability as a DPS. To summarize he's not a main DPS like sealer, that doesn't mean he's bad in his intended role, but it's important you know what you're pulling for. 

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