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News Tag: Guardian Raids

  • Lost Ark: Chaos Shards Guides

    Posted: Jun 22, 2022

    Awakening Skill is one of the most popular mechanics in Lost Ark. Unlocked after players reach level 50, each character has two corresponding Awakening Skills, which can have a very large impact in PvP and PvE and even change the rules of the game.

    Players using the powerful Awakening Skill will be able to bring a very significant improvement, but this means that players need to pay more. The use of Awakening Skill requires a special way to consume Chaos Shards. The more Chaos Shards you have, the more freedom you have to use these more advantageous skills. So the following guide will help you get more Chaos Shards.

    To visit the merchants who sell Chaos Shards, players need to open the map to find a major city or town with General Merchant. Every major city will have one of these locations, and this is where players can visit Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Abyss Dungeons.In this area, players can find an icon like a small bag, click on it to find Merchant and open his inventory to find Chaos Shards.

    Notably, each Chaos Shard will cost 250 credits. Silver can be obtained in a variety of conventional ways, and the price is relatively cheap, but it still requires players to have enough budgets.

    While acquiring them doesn't require tedious farming, many players are still unhappy with the Chaos Shards mechanic, and many think it's stupid to use the currency to use abilities, especially in PvP mode.

    All in all, Chaos Shards are still an essential resource, and they can provide a good temporary boost in battles. However, if you want to achieve the upgrades and enhancements inherent to your class, what you need most is Lost Ark Gold. Players can farm the required Lost Ark Gold through weekly events, dungeons, and quests like Raids.

    But if you are short of free time, you can also look to, and we will provide you with a fully stocked Lost Ark Gold for sale, can you place your order here anytime, we will provide you with excellent service.

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