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News Tag: FC 24 3 4 2 1 Formation

  • EA FC 24: The 3-4-2-1 Formation Shows Outstanding Performance In Ultimate Team

    Posted: Mar 06, 2024

    Today, we delve into the 3-4-2-1 formation in EA FC 24, unveiling custom tactics and a setup that transforms it into an exhilarating attacking formation without compromising defensive solidity.

    There are some adjustments have diminished the effectiveness of back 3 and 5 formations, particularly if Left and Right Midfielders don't retreat as quickly when defending. However, this does not mean that a back 3 cannot be used. Let me guide you through the 3-4-2-1 formation. Don't forget to prepare for some FC 24 Coins to enhance your players and elevate your game experience!

    Defensive Tactics

    Defensive Style: We always go balanced. I did originally run this with press on possession loss, and what I found is that it was just so aggressive, we really couldn’t run it. So balanced is kind of there, and you can kind of tell obviously from what’s coming. It is a different setup than what we would normally run.

    Width: It is a lot narrower than what I would go in other formations, and that is going to be 35 defensive Width. The reason being I found the right Center Back and left Center Back to be so far away from the middle Center Back that I just wanted to tuck that defense in even more. So they’re not as wide apart as each other. If you kind of lose the ball in the middle, it felt like it was so easy for the opponent to look for a thorough ball in basically in the 4-3-2-1 as most people would be playing to get an up against you, so that narrower width is definitely needed.

    Depth: I run 60 depths in this setup. If you’re on Old gen, you can run a lower depth around 40. I probably would advise you to go with what you feel comfortable with. Feel free to run a higher line and have that 71 depth for the automatic offside trap and AI press. If you want to just have the automatic AI press, anything from 46 depths and above will give you that. If you’re not wanting that, run that 45 and below and you’ll be fine.

    Offensive Tactics

    Build Up Play: You can opt for balanced Build Up Play. Both fast and slow build up play styles have their merits, but I believe balanced build up play is the most effective. It provides versatility and allows for smooth transitions regardless of the game's situation.

    Chance Creation: I recommend you to choose Possession. This is basically telling your players to face you rather than in behind and to show for the ball a bit more, rather than trying to make those runs.

    Width: I kept it neutral on the attacking Width at 50.

    Players In Box: Set it on 3. If you don’t go for a lot of crosses and you’re not really bothered about the numbers in the box, feel free to move this to 5.

    Corners & Free Kicks: The 2 are personal preference. I’ll go 1 and 1.

    Player Instructions

    Now, let's talk about the player instructions:

    Your right Forward and Striker should both be set to Stay Central and Stay Forward. Ideally, your right forward will be a dominant player in the air, such as Drogba or Xherdan Shaqiri. This allows you to play more of a traditional striker role with Stay Central, Stay Forward instructions. Your left Forward should be a nimble player who excels in dribbling, passing, and overall agility. Set them to Get Behind to utilize their speed effectively.

    I experimented with setting the right and left Midfielders to balance, but I found it ineffective. Instead, it's crucial to have them set to Come Back On Defense. This ensures they provide support defensively without sacrificing their attacking roles. Instruct them to Stay Wide and Get In Behind to provide width to the team and create opportunities down the flanks.

    Your Central Midfielders should be strategically chosen for their defensive capabilities. Medium-high work rates are ideal, and they should be instructed to Cover The Center of the pitch. The right Center Midfielder can have more freedom to roam, with high-high work rates allowing them to contribute both defensively and offensively.

    For the Center Backs, it's essential to have them stay back while attacking to maintain defensive stability. As for the Goalkeeper, it's a matter of personal preference whether to have them come for crosses or not.

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