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News Tag: FC 24 10 Upcoming Features

  • EA FC 24: 10 Upcoming Features You Will Get

    Posted: Aug 31, 2023

    As we know, FIFA is now EA Sports FC and the latest version launches in September.

    We’re sure you’re all really excited about it. But we’re here to get you even more excited, as we tell you about the upcoming features you’ll get in the new game.

    1. Playstyle +

    First of all, you can now get more than one playstyle for a player.

    For example, with Haaland, you get Power Shot, Power Header, and Acrobatic Shot. And guess what? It’s crazy realistic because the data is optimized from opta.

    2. Hypermotion V Technology

    Speaking of being realistic, the game is about to get a lot more realistic.

    The game animation will optimize Hypermotion V and you’ll be able to identify players from afar. Because the game will now include the signature, run styles of over 180 different men and women players.

    3. Women’s Football in Ultimate Team

    Speaking of women, in EA Sports FC 24, there will be mixed gender teams in the Ultimate Team. This is no joke.

    In FIFA 23, women footballers were put in a different section. But this time around, they’ll all be lumped together.

    4. Cross Play

    The next upcoming feature is a true delight for real gamers.

    Now, one upcoming feature in EA Sports FC 24 is going to be really interesting, is the Cross Play. You can now play with your friends regardless of the platform each of you uses.

    Playstation, Xbox, and PC gamers can all interact and play against each other thanks to Cross Play now. Isn’t that just so cool?

    5. New Menu

    Something else that should be exciting is the new menu.

    It’s one of the first things you’d notice. With the new EA Sports FC game, the orientation style is vertical, so you’ll now be able to get to whatever you want a lot more quickly.

    Guess what? You can also see live videos on the menu.

    6. More Roles in Manager Mode

    What else is lovely? You will get a more active role in Manager Mode.

    It appears that EA Sports has decided to pick a few more things from the football manager in this aspect.

    So, expect to get more involved in hiring back room staff, tactical deployment, and all that stuff in Manager Mode. Of course, you need to consume a certain amount of FC 24 Coins for these things. Therefore, you must prepare some coins in advance.

    7. Secondary Commentators & More Player Agents (Play Mode)

    Back to Player Mode, now there’ll also be secondary commentators in FC 24.

    So, get ready to hear the voices of Guy Mowbray, Sue Smith and Alex Scott more frequently as you enjoy your new game

    And you’ll also be enjoying a more life-based experience like never before.

    In Player Mode, you’ll have more active agents and that’s surely going to make Transfer Sagas a lot juicier in the game as these agents will be doing exactly what the likes of Jorge Mendes and Rafaela Pimenta to do in real life.

    8. Insight Overplays

    Also, just like in real life, EA Sports FC 24 will give random and constant pop-up of stats on your screen.

    So, you’ll be seeing stuff like the number of shots on target and win probability just pop up randomly.

    9. Most Fatigued Players Will Be Shown

    The game will also show you who your most fatigued players are when you’re waiting to take a throw, for example. And we’re sure you can see how very useful something like this can be.

    10. First-Person Referees

    We’ll now wrap up with a very unusual upgrade. In EA Sports FC 24, you’ll now be able to see things from the referees point of view at different points in the game. So, at random points in the game during cut scenes that involve the referee, the camera will switch to give you a view like you’re seeing things through the referee’s eyes.

    But, it can be a little jarring when you first see it. Imagine just seeing the referee’s hands stretch out in front of the screen as he gives an on-rushing player a yellow or red card.

    But this is what we’re here for, isn’t it? We want new and different and it appears that EA Sports has decided to give us just that.

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