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News Tag: Elder Scrolls Online Pick A Lock

  • Elder Scrolls Online: How To Pick A Lock? - Notes And Steps

    Posted: Jun 28, 2023

    Elder Scrolls Online is still a great MMORPG today, with an active player base of over 3 million. Given Skyrim's popularity, it's no surprise that its MMORPG counterparts have found similar success. However, despite Elder Scrolls Online's popularity and critical acclaim from many players, there are still many game mechanics that players are not familiar with.

    This article learns how to pick locks in Elder Scrolls Online and explains other useful information.

    It's amazing how many players play this game and don't know how to pick locks in Elder Scrolls Online. Luckily, this lockpicking works much the same as it does in Skyrim. So with that in mind, this guide will cover everything there is to know about lockpicking in Elder Scrolls Online, as well as other useful tidbits.

    How to Pick a Lock?

    As players explore the vast world of Elder Scrolls Online, players will encounter doors and chests begging to be unlocked.

    You can easily unlock these doors and chests by picking locks, exploring hard-to-reach areas for loot. For example, you can get some ESO Gold here, which is what many players are looking forward to.

    But you need to keep the following points in mind when picking the lock:

    • As in Skyrim, as the player, you must use a lockpicking tool to successfully open these doors and chests.
    • For the lockpicking tool, players can choose the easy way, you can buy it from the supplier, or you can find it in different areas during the game.
    • In Elder Scrolls Online, for your safety, players should keep enough lockpicking tools to ensure that you can successfully open these doors and chests.

    Here, players have to remember that just like previous Elder Scrolls Online games, there will be different unlock levels for different doors and chests, so you need to be fully aware of this when unlocking, some are easier to pick than others, vice versa.

    The only way to pick a lock fast is to practice.

    Often the more difficult the lock for players to open, the more valuable Loot is hidden in it, so when you are in the process of picking the lock, you must not worry, you may find surprises when you successfully unlock it, and all the efforts are worth it of.

    Having said that, let's take a look at how players should unlock in Elder Scrolls Online, which mainly includes the following five steps:

    Step 1 - When players pass through a door or box, you will receive a corresponding notification that the door or box has been locked and its corresponding level information.

    Step 2 - After the player finds the door and the box, you have two ways to deal with it, you can choose to force the lock or pick the lock.

    Step 3 - When the player chooses to pick the lock, the player is given a visual representation of the inner workings of the lock, highlighting the five cylinders connected to the springs on top of which the lockpicker moves.

    Step 4 - At this time, the player must use the lock pick, press the inner cylinder with it to move to the next cylinder, but if you don't do this, the lock pick will break, and everything will be in vain.

    Step 5 - The player must keep moving from one cylinder to the next until there are none left and all cylinders are pressed down, resulting in a successful unlocking of the door or chest, after which you can claim Loot inside.

    Hope the above Notes and Steps are helpful to you when playing Elder Scrolls Online.

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