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News Tag: ESO Passion Dancer Garment Costume

  • Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get Passion Dancer Garment Costume? - New Event Collectible

    Posted: Jun 28, 2023

    Today we talk about Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming new Event Collectible, Passion Dancer Garment Costume. If you are interested in this new event or want to get these new collectibles, this guide may help you.


    In the past few years, we can usually get various unique collectibles in Elder Scrolls Online by doing various tasks during the event period. Especially in 2019 and 2020, we can collect up to nine Indrik Mount variants. The collectibles and gear players get in 2021 are surprising enough, including:

    • Deadlands Scorcher Skin
    • Deadlands Firewalker Personality
    • Dagonic Quasigriff Mount
    • Doomchar Plateau House

    As of June 2022, Indrik Vendor is off limits, often offering players past featured Indrik Mounts and Pets. In 2022, the items we can collect are:

    • Scales of Akatosh Skin
    • Aurelic Quasigriff Mount
    • Daggerfall Paladin Costume
    • Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh Furnishing

    Beginning in June 2023, Assistant Manager Philius Dormier will offer players various Event Collectibles for 2021 every quarter.

    In the first quarter of 2023, we can win Passion’s Muse Personality. In the second quarter of 2023, we can win Meadowbreeze Memories Skin. Now, in the third quarter of 2023, Passion Dancer Garment Costume is our reward.

    Passion Dancer Blossom Pet

    First, we need to get our hands on this year’s new base collectible, Passion Dancer Blossom Pet. You can get different forms of Passion Dancer Blossom Pet and its fragments through Event Tickets.

    Passion Dancer Garment Costume

    After we get Passion Dancer Blossom Pet, you have to collect pieces of Passion Dancer Garment Costume, including:

    • Bolt of Indigo Cotton Fragment
    • Bolt of Silver Silk Fragment
    • Enchanted Sewing Kit Fragment

    All Passion Dancer Garment Costume pieces are available at Impresario Event Merchant for 10 Event Tickets each. Then combine 3 skin shards with Passion Dancer Blossom Pet to unlock Passion Dancer Garment Costume. So, you need 45 Event Tickets to get Passion Dancer Garment Costume.

    If you want to add Passion Dancer Garment Costume to your collection. You need to go to your Collections Fragments and you will see Passion Dancer Garment. Then you need to right click on any fragment and click combine and finally you can add Costume to your collection.

    Fragments Explained

    In the process, you’ll lose Passion Dancer Blossom Pet, and you’ll have to recollect it. ESO does not provide all upgrade pieces immediately. You can find new clips of each event of a particular season in Impresarios stock. Or you can unlock specific shards with ESO Gold.

    Remember, each unique collectible is only available for a certain time frame. Programs change each quarter. So if you’re interested in collecting Passion Dancer Garment Costume, you’ll have to get 3 shards in Q3 2023.

    Usually ESO will bring back upgrade shards for all the year’s unique event collectibles during New Life Festival in December. 

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    ESO Events Q3 2023

    Now we talk about the upcoming events in the third quarter of 2023. The first event is Zeal of Zenithar Event. This event may be active in July. During the event, you can get the first upgrade fragment of Passion Dancer Garment Costume.

    For the other events, we don’t have any information yet, not sure which events will take place in the third quarter of 2023. Perhaps ESO will show an upcoming event on the public test server in the next few weeks. We will also follow up as soon as we have any news about the event.


    That’s all for the guide to getting Passion Dancer Garment Costume. Hope this helps you. Let’s look forward to Elder Scrolls Online’s third quarter event.

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