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News Tag: Diablo 4 Season 3 Leveling Guide

  • Diablo 4: How To Get Started & Level Up Fast In Season 3? - A Complete S3 Starter & Leveling Strategy Guide For All Classes

    Posted: Jan 25, 2024

    In this guide, I would like to provide you with a leveling strategy for all characters in Diablo 4 Season 3. 

    Recommended Starter Builds For Different Classes

    I’ve had a positive experience with Double Swing for the Barbarian thus far. Even if boss fights take a bit longer than with HotA, we’ll definitely add Charge and possibly also the Chain. Alternatively, you can continue playing classic HotA. Leveling should be as good as before, so if you’ve had a good experience with HotA, don’t be discouraged and stick to it.

    As for the Sorceress, I can affirm that Firewall is also enjoyable in PVE and works right from the start without special gear. That’s how I leveled up my first Sorceress in season 2 until I had the gear for Ball Lightning. Fireball performs well when you have better resource generation and the unique gloves. A useful alternative could still be a Chain Lightning Mage, where you have the advantage of quickly building up some good resource management, but I haven’t tested that. Firewall definitely worked well the last time.

    The Druid can be played as a Lightning Storm Druid from the beginning. 

    Then for Necromancers, I recommend Bone Spear, and for Rogues, Penetrating Shot.

    How To Level Up Fast?

    Next, I want to talk about the strategy of how to level up fast and get to World Tier 4

    Level 1-15: Season Quest/Events

    Essentially, playing in a party and leveraging bonus XP, as well as using elixirs and other boosts, is advantageous.

    Next, it is recommended to explore seasonal quests and events right from the start, as they provide substantial assistance in the initial stages. This is crucial as we aim to swiftly acquire the Seneschal Construct.

    Furthermore, in the previous season, the Blood Harvest event proved to be an effective method for gaining substantial XP. It’s worth investigating to see if a similar opportunity is available again.

    Level 15: Class Quest/Aspects

    Upon reaching level 15, it becomes opportune to undertake the class-specific quest. 

    It is advisable to unlock the most crucial aspects for your build at this stage. Examples include Edgemaster’s Aspect and Aspect of Disobedience, which can be obtained by completing the dungeons: Oldstones in Scosglen and Halls of the Damned in Kehjistan.

    Level 15-50: Arcane Tremors/Vaults

    For the way towards level 50, you should definitely do the Arcane Tremors and run the vaults

    This way, you will also level up the seasonal bonuses. But if you like, you can also fall back into your favorite dungeons in between.

    Level Mid-40s: Capstone Dungeon T3 

    Then, around the mid-40s, you should be ready for the Capstone Dungeon

    With a strong group, you can even do it earlier. But if you want to do it safe and easy, I recommend waiting until 45. Tough fights and lost battles cost much time.

    T3 Weapon Vendor/PvP Area

    In World Tier 3, you should check out the merchants first. Maybe you can get a useful Sacred weapon there. 

    Otherwise, the PVP areas are a good place to get bases because there are quite a lot of elite mobs which always appear in packs of three. 

    Helltides/Whispering Tree

    You can also collect some points for the skill tree in the PVP area quickly by completing all tears and killing the boss monster.

    As soon as you are strong enough, you should also run the Helltides at least once and some dungeons for the Whispering Tree. This will give you materials and Diablo 4 Gold, and above level 50, also glyphs. 

    The low-level Nightmare Dungeons are not really worthwhile for leveling up the glyphs.

    Level 45-65: Arcane Tremors/Vaults/Dungeons

    If you can swiftly navigate through them, consider focusing on low-level Nightmare Dungeons for character XP. 

    This could be an option for groups, but for solo players, I recommend proceeding with Arcane Tremors, exploring the new vaults, or engaging in normal dungeons.

    Level 60-65: Capstone Dungeon T4

    Between level 60 and 65, you should be able to complete the Capstone Dungeon to World Tier 4. There you should get an Ancestral weapon as soon as possible. 

    T4 Weapon Vendor/PvP Area

    Again, check out the merchants or kill mobs in the PVP areas.

    Level 65-70: Strongholds/Helltides

    In addition, you can now capture the strongholds because the monsters there scale with the character level. So, they can be below level 70. 

    You should also run Helltide events to collect materials for upgrading and rolling Diablo 4 Items. This way, you already get some Living Steel for Duriel.

    Level 70+: Nightmare Dungeons 

    Upon reaching level 70, initiate the process of running Nightmare Dungeons to advance and finally level up the glyphs. 

    It's beneficial if you can engage in dungeons rated 31 and above at an early stage. Continue running Nightmare dungeons until you reach level 100. Ensure that the monsters encountered are consistently around 5 levels above your character. If you can swiftly progress to higher levels, it's advisable to do so as it expedites the enhancement of your glyphs.

    In the interim, consider farming the items required for your desired builds and adjusting your skills from starter to endgame. The objective is to avoid progressing to level 100 with a starter build.

    Between levels 70 and 80, most builds can be effectively played, potentially even earlier. However, it's crucial to possess the items that are absolutely essential for your chosen build.

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