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News Tag: Diablo 4 Mount Change

  • Diablo 4: A Good News For Players - Mounts Will Be Allowed To Charge Through Barricades

    Posted: Aug 01, 2023

    We've got a ton of Diablo 4 news to go over today, and I have some excellent news about the mount who's getting quite the upgrade in the future, a lot of you are going to be very very happy about this news.

    Now unfortunately Season 1 has also introduced a mechanic, that if used in a party or even near random players is absolutely destroying player builds. I still cannot get over, but this is even in the game, so we definitely need to highlight this and you need to actively avoid using this supposedly best Malignant Heart in the game, if you are in a group or near random players.

    Also we do have a fantastic news about Diablo 4 season 1, despite a lot of the negativity, but there's still a group of players here who are very engaged and enjoying getting some Diablo 4 Items.

    We're going to talk about the excellent news about the mount.

    Allows The Mount To Charge Through Barricades

    News about the mount, check it out from Joe Shely of Blizzard who says this, we're going to allow the mount charge to break through barricades, I realize I didn't make this explicit in Diablo 4 campfire chat.

    This is fantastic news. One of the most annoying things about exploring the open world, for me at least is running into the barricade, even when you're on the mount trying and struggling to walk around that. So kudos to Blizzard for adding this, I feel like it's also going to add an element to the mount, that's going to make the mount build worthwhile, give it that gameplay mechanic or your mount actually feels powerful, and it doesn't require players to spend some Diablo 4 Gold.

    More Improvements Are Expected

    I think they should add even more to this perhaps, so hopefully they continue to expand the amount going forward. However with that being said we did get a reply. Next make climbing or descending a ladder reset the mount cooldown. After fighting or using the dismount attack, dismount just to ascend a ladder, but then you have to stand at top of it for 10 seconds to remount is oof.

    We have a reply here from Joe Shely, who says you got it. So that's also another Diablo 4 improvement that's going to be applying to the mount, now that you probably want further improvements as well to the cooldown right and that sort of thing sound off, on what else you would like to see changed and improved for the mount.

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    Comments From Other Players

    Now also we have some further replies about this check it out on Reddit, it says thank baby Jesus. I can't count the number of times I had to dismount, I'd use my strongest skill just in spite to kill the two dudes and the barricade.

    Also we have one right here says, good addition, I also hope they make it, so horse speed is not relative to your cursor's distance from the player. Honestly if it were up to me, the horse would just be a set move speed bonus on top of whatever the player is.

    Great point there are a lot of people agreed, and then we have finally this one right here. I personally don't care about being able to run over them, I'd be more than happy to jump off my mount and kill them. What I hate after I did that, I still have 8 seconds of my 10 second Diablo 4 mount cooldown. I understand the cooldown if you get knocked off your mount, but remove the cooldown from the normally mounting or unmounting, it's especially annoying in areas where you have to climb up stuff or if you want to nuke an elite really fast, but still have to wait on the mount cooldown afterwards.


    So I mean, Blizzard is solving half of that problem with the fact that they will be addressing that wind climbing ladders, but I get where you're coming from I don't know why there's so much focus on this cooldown with the mount.

    I think it does involve extending play time percentages and that sort of thing, I'll keep talking about this if there's an update, thanks for reading.

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