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News Tag: Diablo 4 Hardcore

  • Diablo 4: It Is Confirmed Players Will Dead Forever in Hardcore

    Posted: Apr 25, 2023

    In Diablo II and Diablo IV, Hardcore mode is a long-standing tradition that adds a challenging element by allowing players the possibility of permanent death. However, if your Hardcore character dies in Diablo IV's PVP and stumbles into Fields of Hatred, there are consequences.

    According to Blizzard community director Adam Fletcher, the consequence is permadeath. This means that players will have to start over with a new character, new build to get more equipment and Diablo 4 Gold.

    In Diablo IV, Hardcore players should be cautious when entering the Fields of Hatred, which are part of the open world and PVP zones where players can gain Shards of Hatred by defeating monsters and other players.

    These areas also have special vendors that offer additional rewards, which can be tempting. However, players must bear in mind that if their Hardcore characters die in PvP within these zones, they will face permadeath, and they will need to start over with a new character.

    It's risky to enter the Fields of Hatred, but players who feel daring can try to get the Fearless Combatant achievement by getting 10 PvP kills in Hardcore mode. Nevertheless, avoiding these areas is the safer option for Hardcore players, except for those who are extremely powerful.

    Before Diablo IV's launch, players will have one more opportunity to try the game in an upcoming "server slam". This event, which aims to stress test the game's servers before launch, will run from 12pm PST on Friday to 12pm PST on Sunday. To pass the time, players can read our recent interview with Diablo IV's developers, where they discuss class changes, dungeons, and more in anticipation of the final test.

    More Players In More Places

    Diablo IV is being developed to cater to both console and PC players, which is a departure from its predecessors. This decision brought it in line with other online games that support cross-play across devices and generations.

    The team wanted to ensure that players who had never played Diablo games before, as well as those who had played previous entries in the series, could all enjoy Diablo IV. This includes players who have different levels of familiarity with Diablo and those who have played it at different times in their lives. Director Joe Shely emphasized that they want everyone to have a fun time playing Diablo IV .

    Also Read: Diablo 4: Surprise Third Server Slam Beta Is Coming!

    Many Diablo players who own consoles have never played the game on PC.

    With Diablo III having been available on consoles since 2013, cross-play and cross-progression mean that these players will now be able to experience Diablo IV on either PC or their console of choice. Associate director Joseph Piepiora remembers enjoying the original Diablo game with a friend on his PC and the original PlayStation, which inspired the team to develop Diablo IV for both platforms.


    With Diablo III, endgame content arrived eventually, but not at launch. However, the Diablo IV team knew that an endgame is crucial to an action-RPG and wanted to include it in the game as a shipping title. The endgame will be continually updated every few months with new characters, side stories, and other content to make the world feel more alive and engaging.

    While the main story will conclude in the game, seasonal updates will give players reasons to return to Sanctuary long after they've completed the story.

    No Map Overlay

    To make Diablo IV an immersive experience, Blizzard wants players to pay attention to all the details in the game world. This is why they decided not to include a map overlay, unlike in previous Diablo games. Instead, they opted for a minimap paired with a full menu map to help players navigate but still keep them focused on their surroundings.

    The team is open to feedback and may consider adding a map overlay if players request it, but they want to ensure that it won't be a constant distraction. Their goal is to provide players with a better experience by keeping the navigation elements separate from the game world.

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